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  1. Outstanding work (as always) and great read!
  2. @ Andy - There is no major hold up. We're just finally getting the site running a bit smooth again after multiple 'bumps' in the past few weeks. Also, with the new updates of Photobucket not allowing third party photos on a few sites out there, it is a little difficult to reference submitted photos. We might have to contact members one by one again to get photos sent directly to private email for review. Are you able to see submitted photos on your end? Unfortunately, I cannot. But, I think I should be able to go directly to his PB account to see his uploaded pics there. Not as easy to see as here on our site, but we'll get this taken care of!
  3. Stand by, Brother! We'll get you squared! Great work!
  4. @ Michael - So far so good! You are definitely almost there! Good luck, Troop!
  5. Congrats! Awesome job on your rig!
  6. At first look, you should be all set to submit your updated pics for the standard Officer Deployment Review, Brother! We'll' make notes on what needs to be modded (minor tweaks) in your official review. First off, get 'er dirty!
  7. Looking forward to seeing it! Good luck with your review, Troop!
  8. No problem at all! I also updated your profile info and granted you 501st access
  9. @ Michael - Once you get your pack, send in your updated pics so we can get you on your way on being added to the roster, Brother! Thanks!
  10. @ Grant - No worries, Brother! We'll be here!
  11. @ Grant - Glad to have you aboard, Troop! Let's begin... APPLICATION REVIEW (PART 1) Name: Grant Dyson Legion ID #: TD-27090 Forum Name: Sandtrooper Seigi Garrison: UAE Outpost I.) HELMET: *CLEARED* a.) Green Lenses -- CHECK b.) Paint Color on Traps / Tears -- CHECK c.) Correct Number Of Teeth -- CHECK d.) Mic Tips -- CHECK e.) Vocoder Color (Black) -- CHECK f.) Tube Stripes -- CHECK g.) Rank Bar -- CHECK h.) Brow -- CHECK i.) Side Screws (Ears): CHECK ** Additional Comments -- -- DEPLOYMENT OFFICER NOTES:: Good work on your bucket! Nice details! II.) Armor / Suit Details: *PENDING* a.) Canvas / Nylon Straps -- CHECK b.) Neck Seal -- CHECK c.) Black Undersuit -- CHECK d.) Shoulder Bells -- CHECK e.) Biceps -- CHECK f.) Forearms -- CHECK g.) Pauldron -- (See Comments) h.) Chest / Back Plate -- CHECK I.) Kidney / Butt Plate -- (See Comments) j.) Ab Plate / Side Rivets / Cod -- CHECK k.) Thighs -- CHECK l.) Shins / Calves -- CHECK m.) Sniper Plate -- CHECK n.) Boots -- (See Comments) o.) Gloves -- CHECK p.) Hand Plates / Guards -- CHECK q.) Ammo Belt (Waist) w/ correct Angled Edges -- CHECK r.) Ammo Belt (Right Knee) -- CHECK s.) Canvas Belt -- (See Comments) t.) Pouches -- (See Comments) u.) Weathering -- CHECK v.) Crotch Snaps -- CHECK -- DEPLOYMENT OFFICER NOTES:: Great work! Nice details and you are very close to PO clearance! But, there are a few items of note... Pic # 1: Lose the holster. Pic # 2: Pauldron on wrong side. Please post a corrected one if you like, or just delete from the submitted pics. Pic # 3: Bring your canvas belt down so it covers the gap between your kidney and butt plate. It will look more uniform and presentable as well. Pic # 4: (Same as #3) Pic # 5: Adjust the pouch . It shouldn't slant down. Try to keep it more straight (flush). Also, although acceptable now, you may want to invest in a more accurate belt mounted pouch later. Pic # 6: (Same as # 5) -- Please post pics of your boots by themselves. We need to see the details close up. III.) BACKPACK: *PENDING* a.) Details -- (See Comments) b..) Weathering -- (See Comments) -- DEPLOYMENT OFFICER NOTES:: -- Need to see close up pics of the pack itself. (Front and sides) The one pic you posted on your thread is too small and the there are no close up pics in your photobucket page. IV.) WEAPON(S): E-11 *CLEARED* a.) Details -- CHECK b..) Weathering -- CHECK -- DEPLOYMENT OFFICER NOTES:: Excellent looking blaster!
  12. Thank you for your interest in becoming an MEPD Police Officer! Your official review will begin within the next 24 hours. Stand by...
  13. @ Strider - Whew! Danke, Brother!