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    Being DEPLOYED to remote locations, searching for droids, checkpoints & roadblocks, Gunnery blaster live-fire exercises.
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  1. Hey Mike, Looks fantastic, glad to see you back in uniform!
  2. Opfor

    Sandtrooper lost on Hoth

    I really don't see why that would cause someone to be disapproved although stranger things have happened. He could have been approved first and then added it later.
  3. Have you guys seen this? Not sure if it has made its way here before but I thought it was pretty funny!
  4. Yes, I unplugged the speakers and just hook an aker up. It is MORE than loud enough. I only use 1/2 of the volume level and the chatter is loud and clear.
  5. Thats it. I did have to go with an aker amp as the speakers were just not loud enough once you get out in crowds or an event. I love the system now and it is really cool when you need to make a grand entrance using the Imperial March.
  6. Nice Job Peter...hope to see you Deployed soon!
  7. Opfor

    How do you keep your shins straight?

    I do the velcro trick and it works great. My boots have back pull tags on front and back, I sewed 2" velcro strips on both, placed velcro on front and back of shins. The way I armor up is thighs first, boots second and then as I'm putting my shins on I place the velcro from each boot on the front and back of the shin, close the shin in the back and I'm in business. Mine rotated very bad before and now work great..very little foam needed.
  8. Opfor

    TK-4510 helmet #1

    Absolute beauty Mike! I'm definitely interested!
  9. Opfor

    E11 of our dreams!

    Thanks for sharing.
  10. Good stuff man! Once you get over that GML roadblock you should be good to go!
  11. Great job, welcome to the world of the Deployed.
  12. Opfor

    TK-4510 helmet #1

    That is one Sweet looking helmet Mike!
  13. Opfor

    *done*TD-7987 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats...WELL DONE!
  14. Opfor

    *done* TD-8773 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats...WELL DONE!