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  1. tuskenfett

    Sergeant - White Pauldron TD breakdown

    i have a guy who needs me to build the dewback rider for him. I can't seem to find the specs on his gear or what his pack looks like. Is it just a variation of one of the ones here?
  2. tuskenfett

    T-21 kit buildup

    Still here! Haha I actually just molded up the radiator fins and the front sight. I just have a little more cleanup to do then I'm gonna mold the rest! Thanks so much for all the encouragement an good compliments. Makes doing this worthwhile!
  3. tuskenfett

    T-21 kit buildup

    im based out of so cal. Im pretty sure its gonna be around $200. Is shipping this to the uk going to be a problem?
  4. tuskenfett

    T-21 kit buildup

    they will be cast from onyx its a super strong resin from smooth on, then back filled with rigidfoam for wieght and strength. then youll just have to pick up a small section of abs from lowes or home depot and then slide everything in/on top of that. the fit will be pretty snug since ive built everything around that. price point I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 200.
  5. hey guys i wanted to show yall the progress of the t-21/lewis guns that i've been working on. I have been in the process of finishing up a sandtrooper and a couple of my squadmates asked for some guns too. I figured i might as well make it a kit version so others who didnt want to build them for themselves could snag one and but it together with minimal work. This is still a wip i have a few more things to tweak and build. The idea is you just attach all the parts to a 19" section of 3" abs and paint. This way if you need to leave parts temporarily attached you can. We wanted to make a good trooping kit. receiver body top plate. front barrel assembly barrel ribs. This will have a 7/8'' ring on the rear that will slide over the cooling fins. cooling fins kit I still need to build the two barrel sights and just do general cleanup.. what do you guys think? What would you like to see on it?
  6. tuskenfett

    ATA docking bay 94 v.1 build.

    after dirt.
  7. Hey all, finally got my kit. After 2 tuskens, and animated cody and bly, I figured its time to get into some ot armor. As indicated by the title I'm building the db 94 v1 (the dude with his gun upside down). Main reason is i really like the filter pack...anyways, i got the bucket assembles and all the tears and traps painted up. Here it is pre-dirt. should the black stripes be thinner? thanks guys
  8. tuskenfett

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hey all, been a member of the 501st for about 2 years now and im making the jump to td. Ive had a tusken and 2 clones up to this point and figured it was time to get back in the sandbox only with armor this time around. Ive got an ata abs kit on the way and my boots and pauldron arrives on tuesday. In the process of building a t-21 and my pack. Cant wait to get dirty!!
  9. tuskenfett

    Looking for MP40 Ammo pouch