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    *CLOSED*Fundraiser for Ryan and his family

    Update To all who donated and helped to spread the word, Ryan and Lucy are at a loss for words. i too wish to thank you all. Dutchy you have been a tremendous help in supporting this and thank you seems such a small gesture. you know where i am coming from with that, Lucy has settled in at home now. I am looking forward to the raffle to see who the lucky new owner of the full sandtrooper will be and all the other raffle prizes up for grabs. so once again a gigantic thank you from Ryan, Lucy and myself to everyone

    *CLOSED*Fundraiser for Ryan and his family

    Hi everyone, just an update on the fundraiser. We’re now sitting at £3190, today we got word from Lucy and sadly it’s not good. Lucy is going home, sadly both Lucy and Ryan have had to come to the point in their lives where I’m so sad to say in Lucy’s words “ WE ARE LOOKING AT NOT BEING CURED, WE ARE LOOKING AT HAVING A LIFE WHILE BEING TREATED “ my stomach is churning just writing this. if ever there was time where someone needs our help, THE TIME IS NOW. Can I please ask everyone to share this story on Facebook or whatever social media you use. Any donation however small is going to help the family in such a huge way that I can’t start to imagine what they are going through or how they feel. Thanks for reading this Rob

    *CLOSED*Fundraiser for Ryan and his family

    thats correct brother

    *CLOSED*Fundraiser for Ryan and his family

    Thanks Dutchy just a quick word for those who may or may not know, but for every 5 British pound donated you are automatically entered in to win a full sandtrooper costume with everything and I mean everything included for you. You supply your own boxers though lol, we had set a target of £2000 pound and were at £3160 the last time I checked. Thank you to all who support and donate. end transmission Rob TD-6305 Enforcer

    Help a fellow trooprer

    Guys just a quick update We have beaten our target of 2000 GBP and have now raised to date 3160 GBP, outstanding !!!!!

    Help a fellow trooprer

    Just a quick note, i just checked and we are at 90% of our target we want to raise for Ryan and his family

    Help a fellow trooprer

    Thank you for posting this , i will get in contact with him

    Help a fellow trooprer

    Thats awesome, sorry for the late response. i am having no luck in logging in via Tapatalk and my daughter hijacks my laptop for school work non stop

    Help a fellow trooprer

    Hi guys Been a while since i posted on here, sadly i wish it was under different circumstances. One of our fellow troopers wife has been diagnosed with un operable lung cancer, a fund raiser page has been set up to help the family in this sad time. Ryan works endlessly to help out others less fortunate than himself, that,s what us Sandtrooper's do better than anyone. Ryan is a member of Britannia Patrol and a full time firefighter on a US Military air base. please if you can help in any way to help the family and also spread this link that would greatly be appreciated brothers. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE ANY My email is td6305@hotmail.com Thank you for taking the time to read this guys Rob Enforcer TD 6305 click on the link below to read the story https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ryanlucybigc?ref=pageredirect

    Updated sized radio

    Love mine, i picked mine up from Ian when i was over at Celebration Europe

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome Jeff, hopefully we will get to see yo soon a t a troop either down here in Niagara or better yet close to your home. Welcome aboard to the sands brother

    Need a favor for those going to Celebration EU '16

    I am sorry dude but by the time i got in all were gone

    Need a favor for those going to Celebration EU '16

    As i say i will do my best for you

    Need a favor for those going to Celebration EU '16

    Cant make any promises but if i see them i will do my best to score them

    Have tattoo/tattoos?

    I have my group name and TD number in Aubresh on my arm