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  1. I saw the dewback set at a local Walmart this week. Seems like there were three on the shelf.
  2. Hey all, Recently I did a troop that lasted around three hours in full TD kit. Nearing the last hour are so my shoulders and neck were throbbing in pain from the backpack. I'm looking for suggestions on how to wear the backpack and remain comfortable. Also do you have suggestions on how to keep hands from drying out after wearing rubber gloves for an extended period of time? Thanks, Pat
  3. Backpack looked more like the SE version to me (at least one of them).
  4. Really like the weathering on your armor. Also really like the sandtrooper painting on your wall.
  5. David, welcome to the MEPD! Have you gotten your armor yet?
  6. Just using burnt umber may be enough. I only used burnt umber on my armor. You can get different tones just by using one color depending on how much you thin it out.
  7. Jeff, Looks really good. You might want to add a picture of the snap on the upper right part of the ab armor.
  8. Ray, Glad you're back. Looking forward to seeing your new armor.
  9. I can't believe it! I'm shocked and amazed and beside myself right now. Stunned. Thank you! I owe a big shout out to UKSWrath since it was only through his encouragement, advice and patience that SWAT was even attempted. Also thank you to Smally and the command staff for approving me. Still in shock here.
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