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  1. Jeff 501st ID - TD 3995 Forum Name- TROOPER10783 Central California Garrison Finally Finished. I'm already starting work on my MG-15!
  2. Craig helped with the fitting and has been a real guide for me on this! The suit fits great as long as I don't start gaining a lot of weight! I think the helmet really turned out good. I like the dirty look! ~Jeff
  3. Hello to all. I'm just about to finish my own Sand Trooper suit. I've been trooping befoer in other people's suits and thought it was time to finally build my own. It's going good so far. I've got it all dirtied up and I just started on my back pack. I can't wait to hit Wonder-Con with it. I'm still going through all the posts for builds and ideas. I'll post pics of my suit soon so I can get even better ideas. ~ Trooper10783
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