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  1. A video compiled by 501'st member 4948 from Nordic Garrison's troop at the SSGFC in Malmö this past weekend. We collected nearly 6000 dollars for the child cancer foundation in two days. Boom! (Flash based video) http://www.bobafett....n-2013-i-malmo/
  2. Well done! Wish I could have been there. Think this was the second biggest event, trooper-wise, for the Nordic Garrison. Wasn't there like 40 troopers or so attending?
  3. It is so heartwarming that both troopers and even persons who have not yet received their Legion ID have donated to Kajsa. I have never been on this end of the charity work, and although I never hope for anyone of you to need help, this has given me an extra understanding how important our work is, and how good it feels when people care. Love you all who have given us their thoughts. I will write down every name on a card for her when all is done.
  4. Dear friends of the legion, This is the first time I ask for your help, but this time I need to reach out to everyone. Me and my girlfriend Kajsa live in Sweden, and for 2 years Kajsa's mother Lia has had cancer. Yesterday we got the news that she is lying at the hospital with very little time left. The cancer has spread throughout her body from the spine and lungs to the whole belly region. I just want Kajsa to be able to visit her mother in Michigan and spend the last days by her side. Kajsa is a 22 year old student that always is kind to everyone. I hope to be able to raise the money for the ticket. If you feel you can spare something, please send it to my paypal info@dreamhours.com. Every penny counts. Please also write down your Legion number with the donation so I can thank you all later and report how it went. Love Viktor
  5. I thought it was time we made a tribute to our loved ones who are always there for us although we spend so much time and money dressing up in white plastic. Share your favourite pic of your favourite someone here - the backup forces of the MEPD! I'll start with Kajsa
  6. Looking good trooper! The ammo belt on the bottom of the right thigh just need to be tightened a bit so it doesn't hang but that is such a minor thing. Good luck with your deployment!
  7. I have a Quartermaster pack and they are really sturdy built, a real plus for me who dont have a car and have to put everything in bags that I carry with me all the time. Great stuff! Mine can even be split in two for easier transportation
  8. Cool trooper to do! Is the Diamond knee plate supposed to sit a bit lower for this build?
  9. Can't wait to see your gear up in person, let us know when you are done and you feel to do some crowd control in Copenhagen. Me and TD-4418 would love to come and keep all tourists and danes in civilized order this summer
  10. Lol, great eye but what a horrible update for an armor
  11. Viktor

    Fan Film

    Great stuff bro! Would love to be part of a fan film myself
  12. Thanks bro! We got them in high res as well.
  13. Hey guys, just nailed a DZ running around freely at the convention area at the Malmö Sci-fi fair this month. Have we got any cells left at the precinct? Pics by our Garrison pal TR-2011! In pic: TD-5592 TD-4418 DZ-6637 TD-4418 reading the sentence. We just love to pose The Tatooine guys! The MEPD-boys did it again Area secured, happy ending!
  14. Wow, if you ever want to part with the white pauldron, I'm all over it!
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