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  1. And John, great SFX loop on your pack! It made the 20 minute elevator ride to the flight deck that much more enjoyable!
  2. Great pics John! It was quite the day. It was so good to finally meet many of you and the ECG was unbelievably receptive to the other garrisons. The MEPD was definitely out in force at the Intrepid today! Many people commented on the extraordinary work the Santroopers put into their armor. There was nothing but positive feedback and I would love for this to be an annual troop.
  3. John, he looks awesome! He definitely should have won! That armor is nicer than mine. Excellent work...as always. Happy Halloween!!
  4. Looking great John! That is pretty awesome. Again, can't wait to see it all complete.
  5. Can't wait to see pics! What a lucky kid! I couldn't even imagine this when I was young.
  6. Welcome Pat! You've come to the right place. You can definitely pull it off. There are so many good people at the MEPD and they're all willing to help. Sometimes it takes patience, but in the end it's about having fun. I'm 5'11", 170 and I love my AP armor. It would fit you perfectly. TE2 looks very sharp as well. I suggest checking out the IMPERIAL ISSUED ARMOR section. There's a wealth of knowledge there
  7. I still have to do the weathering. I'm going to try to leave the radio alone as best as possible and match everything else to that. I think it already looks great. I'm also thinking of sound loop ideas for it since I just have to "stick" it in there!
  8. I'm definitely not one of those "obsessive" types. That's why I took the pack apart and brought the top brace down 3/4". I also repainted the frame and upper seed tray because the black did not look sharp in the pictures. I used a thick layer of high gloss paint and then clear coated it with a satin style. It looks WAY better now. And since it was all apart, I used Pandatrooper's non-permanent ty-wrap sealing method for the top and bottom seed trays. Pics to follow. Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
  9. Superb work! The antenna is a great touch. Also, the boxes that doubla as storage look great. Progressive and classic at the same time. Excellent job.
  10. It's amazing how weather can affect your painting schedule! I was working on my pack two weeks ago when downpours soaked the Northeast. Set me back a week. Definitely get some pics up though!
  11. Ordered. Now, to find a tree worthy enough...
  12. I tried to measure it so it came a little above the upper seed trays. I thought it extended a little high myself. I considered cutting the top right at the couplers and putting on a new top cross brace. But that would almost line up the brace with the upper seed tray. I think I ended up in a "No man's land". I think this happened when I lined up the seed trays, I had too much space between them. I thought only 1/4" between the seed trays and more at the top looked better 3/4" between the trays and a better look at the top. Does that make sense?
  13. LOL! You would have to make it double-sided to get the pack in the picture. I was talking to one of my friends last night and he suggested an area in Stratford that has some pretty good sand dunes. I was thinking of taking a trip down there to run some recon. What do you guys think? Stratford is only a few minutes outside of Bridgeport off of 95.
  14. I'm putting the finishing touches on my pack. I have not yet attached the top seed trays to the bottom ones. I wanted to post pics and get opinions before I lock it down and can't change anything. I'll attach the mortar tube and do the weathering once I'm confident with construction.
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