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  1. Revisiting one of the best Stair Climb events in the West Coast, I am heading to Los Angeles in less than a week to Stair Climb the 75 floor US Bank Tower in my full TD gear. I will be climbing the tower once without armour, so I can qualify for the next World Towerrunning Race; and climb the stairs for a second time with my full Sandtrooper armour on, in the spirit of charity and community work we do as a Garrison and the Legion. The fundraiser I am doing here is for the YMCA Downtown LA kids and youth program. If you have some spare change or coffee money, donate to my cause on my page before September 22nd. My target time: 14 minutes -- No amrour 15 minutes -- With armour 4 minutes 20 seconds -- when I consume my post race burger and electrolyte drink There is a part of this event where we have to walk 5 floors down to catch the elevator for our race exit. I am aware of that stupid video floating around of a Rubies TK tripping over the stairs on the way down. SO here is my suggestion to the donation: If you think I am going to make it to the top in under 15 minutes, donate $1 If you think I can climb the tower twice, donate $3. If you think I can climb to the top and walk back down the stairs, donate $5. And if I fail completely in all three categories, blue milk is on me. ( I will also take a photo with the MEPD patch when I am on the roof top of the US Bank Tower. ) Donate now: http://events.ymcala.org/site/TR/Events/General?px=1445681&pg=personal&fr_id=1570
  2. TEAM 501st Stair Climb for Clean Air Fundraising page All proceeds goes to the BC Lung Association Want to support the cause ? Donate to the team now! http://bcla.convio.net/site/TR/Events/General?team_id=2010&pg=team&fr_id=1081 Everyone in the team will be stair climbing the 48 floors once during the " Competitive and non competitive climb. " Steve might stair climb the competitive wave twice I am stair climbing 3 times: 1. Fight and Flight Obstacle course + Stair Climb. 2. One competitive Stair climb without armour on ( I am submitting this climb time to the World Tower Running Organization. ) 3. One competitive climb with armour on. (In spirit of Declan in Calgary ) This year we have 5 members who will be raiding the Sheraton Wall Center Hotel Stairway. Chris and I will be in armour, the rest of the team will be in Black workout shirts. Darlene F -- TK-80001: Road Cycling specialist. Lots of core power. This is her second year stair climbing at the event. Chris B -- TK 82997: Works in Construction, minors in Skiing. Going up and down the stairs is not a problem. Will be climbing in Full Stormtrooper armour. Steve D -- TK-42200: Cross fit, tough mudder, grouse grind. Always staying active and enthusiastic. This is his second year climbing. Rheanna L -- TK-56834: Mostly Hiking. Quick and Agile. This is her first year stair climbing. James -- Imperial Cadet: Ice Hockey Player. Currently undergoing Imperial training with the Garrison. 1st Year climber Yves H -- TD9815: Stand Up paddling and Trail running. Official registered as a Stair Climb Athlete. Will be climbing in full Sandtrooper armour.
  3. Is it just me or does the Willis Tower looks a bit like the Barad-dûr in Lord of the Rings ? http://ric.convio.net/site/TR?fr_id=1130&pg=entry Skyrise Chicago. A stair climbing event that supports the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Formerly the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower. Technically it is 110 floors, but participants only have to stair climb 103 floors to the observation deck. Yes, you can take a snooze afterwards on the glass floor patio. Why am I doing this ? I have been stair climbing for sport and charity for the last 4 years, all in armour. I want to challenge myself and give back to the community. 501st style. I have never been in a building taller than 80 floors. So this is going to be my next challenge. I'm going to once again Stair Climb in my Sandtrooper armour, push for 40 minutes to complete 103 floors, and raise $150 to donate to the Institute of Chicago. Matt Frysztak, aka Hitman, TK 8596 from the Midwest Garrison will be joining me on the adventures to conquer the fire stair ways of one of North America's tallest free standing skyscrapper! I will be in Sandtrooper amrour lite, with no pack on, full speed sprinting. This event also takes place 2 days before my birthday. Just saying. Support our cause, donate: http://ric.convio.net/site/TR?px=1285850&fr_id=1130&pg=personal
  4. ( Like a TV show recap ) Previously on Stair Climb Adventures: Imperial Sandtrooper TD-9815 was not satisfied with his final results in his Stair Climb at the Sheraton Wall Center in 2014. So he pushed harder in his training in 2015. He reached his new Personal Best at 8:42 seconds, and climbed the 42 floors twice. And now, it's time to take on a taller building. 98 second Teaser: Destination: Los Angeles, California. Building: The U.S Bank Tower ( Formerly known as the Library Building ) Floors: 75 Cause: Fundraising for the YMCA Downtown LA Community programs Goal: Climb 75 floors in 14 minutes ( Maintaining the current Personal best based on this years climb in Vancouver ) On September 25th 2015, Get ready for the next chapter of Imperial Stair Climbing Adventures! Want to help ? Donate here: http://events.ymcala.org/site/TR/Events/General?px=1445681&pg=personal&fr_id=1160 This is going to be my first time stair climbing outside of Vancouver. If it all goes well, I am going to try attending the CN Tower stair climb in Toronto. If you still don't know which building I am stair climbing in LA, it's the first building that got blasted by the aliens in the movie Independence Day. 8)
  5. **********************INCOMING TRANSMISSION: EYES ONLY ****************************** Operation Diamond Plate: Actual Event: Stair Climb for Clean Air 2015, Vancouver, BC. The British Columbia Lung Association has been hosting this event for over a decade. Participants raise money for lung health by climbing 48 floors of stairs in a non competitive and competitive way. Climbers range from as little as the age of 5 to athletes in their 80's. Firefighters from across the province attend every year by climbing with their full rescue gear on. And then there was one TD. Three years ago, I told the world that I would take the stairs in my full armour on. Results: 8 minutes 50 seconds. However, that's nothing to brag about, because last year, my time fell back on 10 minutes and 5 seconds. I was not satisfied with my performance, so I went rouge and trained even harder in the last 5 months. So in 2015, I will need to finish the climb under 8 minutes 45 seconds. That is my ultimate goal. So join me fellow Imperials, Rebels, Bounty Hunters and citizens of a galaxy far far away, help me raise over $700, support and bring awareness to Lung Health and other active healthful lifestyle, OR come out to the actual event on March 1st 2015. And for anyone who is from another Garrison that wants to join my stair climbing team, you are more than welcome to contact me. Last year, Katie Dueckman, our reserved TI / Imperial officer climbed it and crushed the stairs. It's never too late to join the "raid" ! The Empire's secret weapon. Donation Page: http://climbthewall2015.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1127043&lis=0&kntae1127043=A80185E478D44AEDA80C96035E499E97&supId=368349363&emaillogid= Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/team501st Training Progress Blog: https://jediyves.wordpress.com/ **********************END OF TRANSMISSION********************************************
  6. Thanks guys. Going to kick some butt plates today. Here's me at 0600 this morning, before hitting the shower.
  7. Just built these Go Pro Camera straps today using my remaining buckles in the workshop> One for me and One of Katie the Imperial Officer.
  8. I am climbing in full armour, except for the Fieldpack. Event safety regulations state no packs on stair ways.
  9. Just watching Season 6 of the Clone Wars this weekend, and noticed how Clone Trooper Fives was doing stairs too.........but going the wrong way! I know, I have a really bad taste in humor 8)
  10. Haven't been on the board for a while, because Katie ( the Moff) and I have been actively training.
  11. Yes, I am at it again, and I have to beat 7 minutes.
  12. The TD is back to climb some more stairs, but this time, there is a team....... BC Lung Association's 13th Annual Stair Climb for Clean Air http://www.bc.lung.ca/campaigns_and_events/stairclimb_for_cleanair.html Stair Climb for Clean Air is a full on physical event that raises money to support Lung Health in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Participants have to tackle 48 floors of stairs at the Sheraton Wall Center Hotel. 4 of the Outer Rim Squad of Badlands Garrison will be entering the climb in 2014, as TEAM 501st. If you want to help out, donate to our team page. If you want visit us in Vancouver on day of the climb, let me know. If you want join our team, climb with us, go to the team page and click join. Any member from another garrison is more than welcome to join our climb team! Send me a PM first. Date: Sunday, March 16th, 2014 Location: Sheraton Wall Center Hotel, Vancouver, BC Time: 0900 - 1300 ( Climbers will arrive earlier. Details will come at a later date) The goal here is to raise $500 by stair climb day. Last year, over $300 were raised. So let's fire up those hamstrings and get climbing! Team donation Page: http://climbthewall2014.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1088132&team=5765292 Team Facebook page, hit it!
  13. I'm assuming the Hoth Leia young lady is the daughter of one of the troopers ? I haven't see a whole lot of kids do that version, pretty neat!
  14. Great lighting and great area for photo shoot. You guys blend right in.
  15. Looks like I will have to troop with you guys in Sweden one of these days.
  16. When I apply for my MEPD officer, I will show you my strap system. The Forearm and the back plate was a bit clammy, the bucket was well ventalated. It was my baselayer that was soaked.
  17. Mission Report from TD 9815 - Outer Rim Squad, Badlands Garrison - Operation Storm the Wall - Objective: To raise money for Lung Health in the Province by climbing 48 floors of stairs; Support everyone at the event, climbers and non climbers. Mission Report / Montage Video http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMHg3gEl2qE Climb Results for the Competitive group. Best time 4:28 ( His third year in a role) Best firefighter time 6:43 ( With Oxygen tank and mask on) Yves' time : 8:49 ( in TD armor) Total Fund raised by the end of the Stairclimb event: $320 Email came in from the event organizer, Kate Jarvis: Hi Yves, Thanks again for joining us at Climb the Wall this year! I had a number of participants come up to tell me how much they loved taking pictures and seeing you there – Thank you!! Honestly, I was extremely impressed at how professional and involved you and your crew were in our event this year. I’m happy that you contacted us and took part in our event and I hope you consider us again next year! You are more than welcome to use photos from our gallery if they’d like to credit the images, they were taken by Jorge Posada. Thanks again to you and your crew! Kate March 3rd 2013, Sheraton Wall Center Hotel, Downtown Vancouver, BC. Legion members Aaron, TK 8394, and Yves TD 9815 showed up at 0800 at the registration desk. Some kids in the ballroom noticed us right away that we were from the 501st. Two recruits came out to be spotters and camera operators, Kurt and Katie. Both very close to applying for their Imperial Officer. Many climbers were thrilled to see the squad in action. We supported the firefighters, competitive and non competitive climbers by cheering them on and giving them high fives. The firefighters went up the stairs in full gear. Lots of kids showed up. There was even a Dad who had their two year old on his back while the mother would be spotting from the back while they went up the stairs. The Climb: My goal was to hit the 48th floor under 10 minutes, however on the day, I aimed for 7 minutes. Three climbers passed me after I started sprinting on the 14th floor. Personally, I don't think I have ever done anything this tense before with my armor or any costume. It was worth every minute of it on the climb. The volunteers and first aid attendants on the 20th and 34th floor were shocked when they saw me tackling the stairs. I tried my best to smile at them....... 8) Note: I was unable to use the Go Pro camera on my pauldron because it was sliding backwards as my shoulder moved. Took the camera off right before the climb. Overall, a delightful and meaningful event. Very good reactions from the climbers and volunteers. Special thanks to Katie D, who filmed the event and Kurt who took all the photos; Nick Norris, a friend of mines from the Vancouver Doctor Who group, took the photos as well as dressed up Captain Jack Harkness to sprint up the stairs. Photos: Global BC spotted me within seconds There's no need for this gentlemen, there are other ways to join the Imperial Army....... :M< Let's go trooper! Bring those knees up! According to sources, this man was suppose to climb the stairs in Gangnam Style.... One last stretch T -minus 3 minutes..... Aaron chilling out with eveyrone.... I'm pretty sure that lady in the back was listening to " Call me Maybe" Right after the climb, I did 30 push ups. So one more time: Before the climb: After the climb: Post Climb Dinner: A very rustic Sage and Rosemary Roasted Chicken, with Spaghetti Fritters and Asparagus wrapped with bacon.
  18. I'm still here, don't worry. All my body parts are functioning at 110%. Mission Report Coming soon.
  19. Getting in to the Legion in time of a con is always awesome. Couldn't meet you in person this year, but hopefully I can attend ECCC next year! Congrats trooper!
  20. Thanks guys! Last minute modification: Added some foam pads on all the edges. No I can really sprint...... 12 hours remaining.......had my pasta and spinach, now off to bed. 0800 PST check in, 0915 CLIMB! See you when I come back!
  21. Thanks Terry.........yeah, walking back down is going so swwwweeeet my body will love it........ This is what I'm studying on my recovery days. This guy made it up to the 48th floor under 5 minutes. I know right now I can hit the top of the apartment in 8 minutes, but I am going to push it to 7. 3 more days left.
  22. Heads up guys, After speaking to the organizers, I won't be wearing the Sandtrooper pack during the climb, due to safety reasons. Other climbers might be right next to me. However I will keep the pack on when I do push ups in the lobby. Still climbing in armor. The challenge is still there.
  23. Thanks people. The funny thing is, I am a lot more comfortable climbing in armor, because I am focusing on smaller steps and faster pace, unlike when I am not in armor, I tend to leap 3 steps, sprint the first 9 floors and run out of energy too early. The game right now is to survive the climb and hopefully make it to top 10. The Firefighters probably out run me with their oxygen tank on.
  24. Thanks guys. And yeah, I've ordered a new set of squirel fans with turbo power. T- minus 7 days
  25. For months, I have been training on my off hours. It's now or never...... Over the past few years, we have had troopers who ran marathons, and walked across mixed terrains (Down under!). Inspired by a Scout Trooper and a Tie Fighter Pilot from Garrison Titan, I have decided to participate in Vancouver's one and only stair climb challenge, to climb the stairs of a 48 storey high building in full Sandtrooper Armor. The purpose of this climb is to bring lung health awareness and raise money for Lung Health care. This event hits home a bit, because I use to have Asthma when I was a kid. Had to sit out once in a while during PE lessons. I don't know how the Asthma went away, or maybe it never did, but I started running a lot when I was in high school, then trail running, then stair climbing, then rock climbing.......one active thing lead to another. Firefighters and civilians have been participating in this event for the past 12 years. Fire fighters climb these stairs in full oxygen tanks and masks on; some stair climbers dress up as a their team mascots. Put those two together, I figured I would represent the Charitable Empire. Where: Sheraton Wall Center Hotel, Vancouver, BC What: Support the stair climbers who are raising money for the BC Lung association When: March 3rd 2013 Event video: So here I am, less than a week away, squeezing as many stair climbing sessions as I can. If you want to help a fellow TD out, visit the donation page, proceeds goes towards Lung Health via The BC Lung Association. http://climbthewall2...ogid=6528697626 **New** The facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/events/600836633267267/# This is the building I am climbing: Onward and Upwards!
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