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  1. Ilovesand&dirt

    Vader beats up Jedi

    A BOX of wine will do that to you every time.
  2. Ilovesand&dirt

    MEPD Shadow Box (and a few others :) )

    Too Cool!
  3. I can't read it. I think its in some other language.
  4. Stomper's Thunder Sticks
  5. Ilovesand&dirt

    Joke Thread

    Here is one: Special Edition Sandtroopers LOL!!! I keed! I keed!
  6. WOW John! Looking good!
  7. Ilovesand&dirt

    Memorabilia 08

    Way to Reprezent!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Even though its a Hyperfirm. Seriously j/k I have the same one.
  9. Ilovesand&dirt

    *DONE* TD-4149

    Looking good, Scott! Congratulations brother! Welcome to the Sandbox!
  10. What are people using for the little disc thing above the handle grip?
  11. Make sure you post pics of your finished work or even progress pics.
  12. Ilovesand&dirt

    Sandtrooper T-shirt UK Launch

    Everyone knows who is on the shirt right? It's our very own TD-409, Chris Bartlett!
  13. Ilovesand&dirt

    NEW POLL: Attention all 501st troops

    It's at the bottom of the page but here you go: http://www.mepd.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3859