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  1. Do you just go with two ALICE pack straps to hold the pack on? No other type of support?
  2. I'm currently trying to perfect the harness that I currently have so I can also use it for my Boba Fett that I'm trying to finish. More padding will definitely help I guess. The weight of the pack is fine, it's the digging into the shoulders that gets to me as well.
  3. Thanks guys. I think if I add a little more padding to the shoulder area I should be good.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering how long everyone is able to troop with their packs. I have made a couple different harnesses that I wear underneath my armor but they always seem to start digging into my shoulders at about the 3 hour mark. It is around this time that I have to suit down due to discomfort. I haven't had success using just the main backpack straps as the pack usually wants to start drooping down my back. Has anyone found a good way to mount their pack for maximum comfort? Thanks in advance for any information
  5. Hey guys, I was the sandtrooper in front with the busted knee. I had a problem earlier in the day and fixed it but they used the footage of the busted knee anyway. Sorry for the bad representation. I was upset about that! All in all it was a fun day, and yes, the Rubies suits were horrible.
  6. Haven't been on in a little while. Congratulations!!
  7. I tried to adjust the way my helmet was tilted, but ultimately just cut it.
  8. He was in our garrison a while back before I joined. I didn't know him but my condolences go out to his family. So sad to hear.
  9. TD2298

    NYCC 2011

    Special thanks to the Hawkbats for letting me crash their photo. Although, an armed Sandtrooper goes wherever they want. Lol.
  10. TD2298

    NYCC 2011

    Wow, you had a long day there! Oh man, my lenses must have been fogged up or I just wasn't paying attention and got caught up in the con. See you at the next event!
  11. TD2298

    NYCC 2011

    Awesome pics! Not sure if we crossed paths that day, but maybe at another troop. I'm also NER with Terry and Logan. Thanks for having us up from Jersey.
  12. TD2298

    NYCC 2011

    Awesome, David Prowse is someone I would really like to meet. I've heard him on radio interviews and stuff like that and he seems like a neat guy. I remember him talking about his bodybuilder days and saying that event organizers told him he would never win any competitions because his feet were too ugly. Lol.
  13. TD2298

    NYCC 2011

    Don't tell Vader - we shook hands and called it even. Lol.
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