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  1. Quartermaster

    Field Packs Only....No BLASTERS Allowed

    Still in the game!
  2. Quartermaster

    Found supplier for the 600ml Gio'Style Canteen in Italy

    I had one that I sent to the guys at RS Props. They are working on possibly casting or re-creating them.
  3. Quartermaster


    Thanks fellas. Guys like you is what makes this forum and the Sandtrooper brotherhood the best in the Legion.
  4. Quartermaster


    Hey everyone. Sorry to make you wonder where I was but I'm still here. 2014 wasn't a very good year for me. I've had to step away from the forums for a while due to some personal issues. I'm also recovering from a badly broken hand that I got around Thanksgiving. Haven't been able to work in the shop much and most of my commission stuff has been on hold. Smally, I Will PM you as soon as I can. Anyone looking for a pack at this time, I have to apologize and say it's going to be at least 4 to 6 months before I would be able to get anything done. Thanks everyone for your concerns and again I apologize. Hope to be back in the swing of things as soon as possible.
  5. Quartermaster

    *DONE*TD-51972 Requesting Deployment

    CONGRATS!!! I know you've been working toward this for awhile Bob. Glad I was able to help make the process a bit easier. You look great man. Have fun and best of luck.
  6. Quartermaster

    Let's hear it for Dirty Boy y 'all!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Crossfit!
  7. Quartermaster

    *DONE*TD-69690 Requesting Deployment

    Looking good Joe!
  8. Quartermaster

    td-8821's swat ready pack

    Mike at Trooperbay has the dial decals. Pack looks great!!!
  9. Quartermaster

    Finally Finished my TD...

    The ammo strip on the thigh should be mounted a bit lower. The Rubber Gloves are original, but fabric or Nomex Flight gloves are an alternative if you are not applying for SWAT
  10. Quartermaster

    Finally Finished my TD...

    Lets let him get cleared for Sandtrooper and Officer before we get too crazy with the SWAT level stuff
  11. Quartermaster

    Clonecollector's TD WIP (Roadblock Captain)

    Looking good Paul!
  12. Quartermaster

    *DONE*TD-46800 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats James! EXCELLENT all the way around!
  13. Quartermaster

    chest/back plate question

    Hey Rob. I would definitely reinforce the areas. Use some spare ABS underneath and attach it with ABS cement. That stuff actually melts the plastic slightly and fuses the 2 pieces together. I don't think its necessary to heat and bend the area, but if you do it, I would do it after the reinforcement. Elastic or canvas gets attached UNDER the armor...not over the top.
  14. Quartermaster

    RS Props Bucket

    Sorry for your loss Mark. Good to see you getting back in the swing of things. The RS lid looks awesome.