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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys, and congratulations to you Juan! I know you'll do a great job as the new DO. I'm sorry that I had to step down from the position, as I know that I'm going to miss it, but to be honest, I simply couldn't keep our new recruits waiting as long as I have been. To those of you who have sent me messages asking for updates, I'm sorry that I made you wait so long. The truth of the matter is that, as we all know, some times life just gets in the way and our hobbies get left by the way side. I hope to some day return to the forum that I used to call home for so many years, but for now, I just need a break. I'm sure you guys will see me on here from time to time. This will always be a home for me, and I know the door is always open. Any way, best of wishes to those of you seeking Deployment, and to those of you who still have upgrades to do to your already Deployed suits, get 'em done! I know you guys will continue to raise the bar for the MEPD. Keep this the best Detachment in the Legion, and set the standard for everyone else. Hooah! Band of Brothers! I'll miss you all!
  2. Oops... Thanks for taking care of that Noel and Juan!
  3. I suited up for Halloween and on Friday for a bonfire too. Just had to make sure I didn't get to close or I might have been screaming like the Wicked Witch, "I'm melting, I'm melting!" Here's a pic from Halloween, I had to have my photo taken with Frank!
  4. Thanks for posting those two photos Erik! If anyone else has any more, I'd love to see them.
  5. Congratulations, Dutchy! You are now Officially an Officer of the Mos Eisley Police Department! Click HERE!
  6. The easiest way to put the image on your profile page or as your avatar is to right click on the image and choose "Save Image As." Save the image to your computer. Now go to your profile and click "Edit my Profile" in the top right. On the next page that comes up, you'll click either "Change Photo" or "Change Avatar". Once that page has loaded, you'll click the button that says "Choose File." Now, here is the important part, you have to remember where you saved the image on your computer. Select the file and click "Save Changes" and you're done! Hope this helps! Congrats once again, Jason!
  7. Congratulations Jason! You are now Officially Deployed as an Officer of the Mos Eisley Police department! Click HERE!
  8. My pleasure! Would you mind sending me a high resolution image so I can re-do your photo for the Deployed page?
  9. I second that. I did the best I could with your photo.
  10. Very belated thanks guys. I'm sorry I keep coming and going. My life is just not what it used to be. Getting promoted and working 50+ hours a week and still trying to make it to classes is kicking my butt...
  11. Links don't work... I'd love to see some photos of this new find, as I've been away for a while and come back to find that a suit was found... If anyone has a copy of all the photos or any other links to be shared, I'd love to see!
  12. Three small fix-its that aren't deployment stoppers, but that you might want to consider to improve your costume: Your right shoulder bell and bicep have something funky going on. The shoulder bell should surround the bicep, not sit on top of it. The pouch on your right hip should be straightened. It should hang vertically and not at an angle. This can be done by reworking the strapping on the back side. Your strap on your T21 should ideally be made of a lighter material. The best that I've seen are a beige/khaki/green canvas. Google "Enfield rifle sling." They fit the bill perfectly. With all that said, you've got a great looking set up, so without further adieu, you are now Officially Deployed as an Officer of the Mos Eisley Police Department! Congratulations, Peter! Click HERE!
  13. Hey, Dutchy! You're looking great! The only thing that I need from you is a higher resolution image to use as your deployment photo. Awesome job Justus!
  14. Looking good, Andy! I just need to see some much larger, high-resolution, photos to be able to get you deployed. Any updates?
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