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  1. I wish, a hot water heater would be a whole lot cheaper! Not as much fun to wear though.
  2. I'm slowly working on this guy... Piece by piece. No idea when i'll be done.
  3. Let me check later today, I might have an extra one laying around. If you'd be willing to pay for shipping, it's yours.
  4. I modified a force FX light saber stand to hold mine. Couple pieces of ABS fit right into the slots that are already there. You can either put it on a shelf or it has holes in the back to mount it straight to the wall with screws.
  5. Thanks. The window piece was actually pretty easy. Some plywood, a jigsaw, and some patience is all you really need. The wall panels were a little more complicated because they are actually boxes that have fabric on them that I had planned on lighting from the inside. I've tried four or five different types of lights and haven't found one that I'm happy with. So they are technically still a work in progress. Luckily I like the way they look even without the lights.
  6. I'm lucky enough to have a spare room in the house where I can put all my stuff. It doubles as an office and guest bedroom.
  7. Does that make today Revenge of the 5th?!
  8. I'm in Orlando and could help you out. Send me a PM with the specifics of what you need.
  9. Im for anything that gets kids up off the couch and moving around (even if it involves scoundrels dancing).
  10. Great idea! Would you be able to make dual color? One side orange, the other side black for example?
  11. I used RIT and just mixed it in a bucket. Stirring the contents every once in a while. It didn't turn the pouch completely black but I prefer it the color it came out.
  12. Chuck, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop making such cool stuff. You are gonna have to answer to the wife when I have to get another job because you wouldn't stop making things I apparently HAVE to get! So, for the sake of my wallet and my sanity either cut way back on the workmanship or start making twilight stuff so I won't be tempted to buy anything else. Thank you!
  13. First of all if Lucas wanted to make another movie, he would. When has rejection or criticism ever stopped him? Hollywood rejected Red Tails so he financed it himself. Secondly, considering what he has done with the originals as well as the prequels I'm okay with there not being an Episode VII. Doesn't mean there absolutely won't be an another movie, just means that he won't be the one doing it. If he really cared what the "fan boys" thought he wouldn't have continued to make change after change in the face of such opposition, so I'm not buying it that critics are the reason for his decision.
  14. Nice!! Personally, I'd leave out the decals. Although I would put in mic tips and lenses. That's me though...
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