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  1. vecspeed12

    The Prodigal Trooper Returns

    I remembered when i used to browse your blog before i joined the 501st and it was so informative. welcome back Noel!
  2. vecspeed12

    *DONE*TD-10068 Requesting Deployment

    lookin good Rick!
  3. thanks Gordon! i just sent it to him now.
  4. vecspeed12

    SWAT Patch For Sale (SWAT Troopers Only)

    Pp sent for 2 sets of patches. Thanks Gordon!
  5. thanks everyone! i really appreciate it. i wish there were more dirty's in my garrison.
  6. i know! i check almost every day. hahah
  7. Thanks Jay! Yeah, i messaged him so just waiting.
  8. actually, i think he said waiting for senior officers to review?
  9. does it look okay fellas?
  10. I was able to bother my photographer. Haha. Added longer strap for small pouch. Also scar detail on right tube of helmet.
  11. Dont worry. Its getting weathered up!
  12. here are updated helmet pictures and a pouch with longer strap.
  13. Update coming shortly. I just need a photographer to snap pics of me suited up.