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  1. I supplied a separate stunt kit for stunts, as well as damaged armor pieces etc :) I also designed and fabricated the Rebel soldier and prisoner costumes and some props.
  2. Hi everyone! Very pleased to share a new trailer for a fan film I worked on as a costume designer! Bucketheads is a Stormtrooper centric short film about the sc-ifi soldiers we all have a passion for. Coming soon to film festivals and online! https://youtu.be/eDZGyNs5sP8
  3. You're welcome Gordon. You said my other video was too short. So I doubled down.
  4. Thanks! Which ones are broken? My image host is still active.
  5. Even though I am a 501st member, I can't enter my 4 digit number. It won't let me. Anyone know why?
  6. This video series will cover techniques that can be applied to any armor make or type, but mainly focuses on A New Hope style armor. I will also cover specific changes for Sandtroopers. Introduction and overview Tools and Supplies Cutting cover strips Bicep trimming and sizing Biceps Construction Forearm Construction Shoulder bells Thigh trimming, sizing and construction Hand Guards
  7. Hi Paul, I just back filled mine with a plate so that I could mount it to the shin. When you glue yours, do you glue plastic shims or something under the knee so that the glue has something to grip to?
  8. Check my build thread, I have the exact same armor. http://forum.mepd.net/?showtopic=6775 I just buffed the helmet to add a little sheen and did some other parts on the high spots, but after that I just went straight to weathering.
  9. Do it right, get a new abdomen. It will be worth it. Plus you need the 3 button strip anyways. You also need to remove the shoulder straps without damaging the chest, as well as removing the TK knee plate.
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