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  1. Yeah, I'm working on a TK for now. I have been reading up on all the forms getting the expert advice and seeing the different opinions trying to get the kit right. I do welcome all the advice I can get from you guys being that this is my first build and unsure of my ability right now. I have decided that after the TK is completed I want to do a Boba Fett kit. I do love the "Sandy" kits, but that is way over my talent right now. Just learning how to crawl before I walk so to say. Again, thanks for all the help on the kit and I will be asking more questions in the near future. I think that the MEPD is cool as I' a Deputy Sheriff where I live. It's kinda of an alternate image. LOL Thanks Again, Keith........
  2. Has any one had to cut the plastic straps to fit? What I'm worried about is if I do cut them they will be out of place by the way they are molded. But the way they look, they look too long. Any ideas?
  3. Just wanted to post some more pics showing my progress with the kit. I have worked on the chest plate, however I do have a question maybe you guys can help me with. Before I put the cover straps on the top, look at how long they are. My questions are, 1) Are the cover straps supposed to be that long? 2) Should I cut them to size or center them? I plan on using velcro to attach them to the plate. I would appreciate any input you guys can give on the build. Here are some more pics. Thanks again, Keith.........
  4. I would love to have this one in the PDF format. Could you send it? cleighdea@bellsouth.net Thanks brother, Keith
  5. I was looking for the Imperial symbol on the net. When I went to the images section I found the credit. I have printed several off for my 6YRO son. I love them. I don't know who come up with it, but they did a great job. You know these would be cool to give away at a troop maybe. The kids would love them I think.
  6. Just thought you guys would get a laugh out of this Vader Cash. You may have already seen it. I thought it was funny.
  7. More pics...........My PHOTOBUCKET LINK
  8. Hey Guys, I have been working on the new AM Kit and have some questions if you can help. I will be working on the thighs this weekend and want to be sure exactly the way these things need to be cut. This is my first kit build and unsure of my ability. So I want to ask the experts here. On the new AM kits can anyone tell me approx. an average amount that has been trimmed off the thigh. I'm of average build 5'9'' 200 lbs. I have pics of the left thigh being tapped up where it fit comfortable and would like to get some input from you guys on or about how much you think I need to trim. I would rather ask questions and check all my options before I go chopping away on this kit. Thanks guys! Keith................
  9. I love these kits. I will begin to work on the thighs this weekend. I have a question. I am 5'9" average build, could you tell me about how many inches on average are being trimmed off on the thighs? What has been the average everyone has ben trimming off. I would just like to get some sort of an idea. Thanks, Keith
  10. That's a sweet idea and looks great!
  11. Sweet idea! Never thought of that. Thanks.
  12. I have been working some more on this bucket by adding some more pads. Fits like a glove. Also have gotten rid of the green lenses and replaced with dark lenses. An option for using dark lenses I have found are the ARMY dust goggles. You can buy replacement lenses in the dark "Smoke" color for around $2 a set. It takes two sets for a helmet due to the size of the lenses. They have worked out great! I just thought I would post this. I'm getting ready to start on the body armor this weekend. Hope to have it ready by spring. Here are some pics of the up dated padding. Do you guys think the helmet is ready for trooping?
  13. I got a set of the armor on Christmas. Been busy working on parts of it. I was very pleased with the kit. And very good customer service. He answered every e-mail and question that I had. I felt secure placing an order with him. I'm happy with it. I will post some pics when I'm finished with the set up.
  14. I have been working on an MRCE helmet. I started by removing the cheap plastic padding that comes in it. I was looking around for a way to place some type of system in the helmet to keep it from looking like a Bobble Head. I thought about a hard hat system. That did not work out. Then I thought about placing soft foam in the helmet to help. Did not work out, also it looked ugly. I'm a Law Enforcement office on an operations team. I started looking at our helmets. The helmets that we use are called MICH Helmets. Current Army issue. The pad system in it is attached by velcro and is a modular type system. So it can be removed very easy. I then placed the "Hook" side of the velcro on the TK bucket and ordered some MICH helmet pads off of Ebay for around $20. This has worked out perfect. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Here are some pics. One pic is my MRCE helmet, and the other is my SWAT helmet for reference. They can be ordered in black or green.
  15. I received my kit on Christmas Eve. This kit is top shelf! I have been looking at some other kits on the net since I have gotten mine. Just looking at the deference's in the details. I love this kit. It has sharp details and is sturdy. I can't wait to get it finished. But as the instructions stated, "Take your time and enjoy". I'm very impressed. You have out done yourself. Thanks!
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