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  1. I want one of those for my yard...
  2. I thought it was like an EMP gun. I think thats what it is in Battlefront and it would make sense if your going to go stop a ship to bring one... go to 1:43
  3. When he out grows it can I have it JK thats a cute gun though :3
  4. it took me 5 months for my T-21. Looks good now
  5. Dose anyone know how I can reenforce the HIPS?
  6. Hi all, I got me a cushman kit and wanted to know where to get the D-ring thing on the stock and where to get the strap/sling. I also wanted to know where to get one of those cool color disk things to put in the berrel. And last but not least, how do you make that awsome metal look while painting it? thanks
  7. No Moisture Farmers!!! LoL
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