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  1. Stomper

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    MEPD Police Officers.. as in deployed? I'm deployed!! How about a supporter's group? I donated a while back when Seth was running the place, and I'm happy to donate again if the website needs funds to operate!
  2. Stomper

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    Hey Paul, make it schnappie!
  3. Well as much as I've been tempted to call it something like: StomperLite StomperFlex StomperTek I didn't "invent" rubber cast props, and I'm not EVEN close to the Sci-Fire crew's capacity (yet), I don't think my "Name" should be attached to it... although I'm proud of my increasing skills and all that, I don't have THAT big of an ego! One of my early ideas was SemperFirm... but I'm not EVEN going to try (out of respect) to hitch on Sci-Fire's product name in any way, shape, or form! I'm just looking for a catchy name that is around 3 sylables (or so) and captures exactly what it is (but in a cool way)... a rubber cast prop! SemperFlex and DuraFlex are the two contenders ATM...
  4. So far the one I'm liking the best was submitted by a "911 operator" on the 501st Forums... KEEP 'EM COMING TROOPS... the name chosen will become widely known in the prop community... eventually!
  5. Stomper

    Master Replica's Helmet CE

    There eare two tips/triks I can think of right now... LASIK or CONTACT LENSES (for the vast majority) I had LASIK done about 8-9 years ago and went from 20/400 (ACK!!) to 20/15 (better than normal!) and have NEVER regretted it!! (BTW- Paul, I can see your house from here in Woodburn... clean out your gutters man! ) The costs of LASIK these days is less that HALF of what I paid "back in the day" and I'm not even factoring in the currency inflation factor! It was over $3,000 when I did it, now you can have it for about $1500 or less! Adjusting for inflation that would make it even less in today's money! If you can afford a decent set of armor and kit, you can afford LASIK or contacts... OK... THAT was WAAAY off topic... I'm done! Buy this bucket if you are on the FX boat... SERIOUSLY!!
  6. Stomper

    Master Replica's Helmet CE

    What Paul said! I bought two of them and they look pretty damned good considering I paid $90 a piece for them. There is NO EXCUSE not to dump your FX buckets troops, unless your melon is HUGE that is!
  7. LOL... some funny stuff! Believe it or not... I'm liking "Punk-Cast"... not sure if that was a dig at me or not (don't know the bloke), but it "sings" none the less.... keep 'em coming!! Keep in mind I am not looking to name a company, or a particular blaster model, just a name for the rubber material used to make rubber props.... like the Sci-Fire crew has for their rubber props.
  8. Hey Troops!! I have been busy perfecting casting props in rubber, and I HATE to refer to them as just "rubber"!! I hereby start the official naming contest that will be applied to any of my blasters cast in rubber. EVERYONE is invited to participate. Rules of the contest: 2. Post as many entries/ideas as you wish. 3. DO NOT make comments (good or bad) about other Trooper's entries! 4. This contest will be conducted across several different forums. 5. The naming contest will run as long as it takes for me to see a name I like! 6. The winner will be selected by me and contacted so I can get their mailing address... shipped free (via regular postal system) world-wide! Keep in mind I am not looking to name a company, or a particular blaster model, just a name for the rubber material used to make rubber props.... like the Sci-Fire crew has for their rubber props. Here is a sample of what you will win should I choose your entry: NOW LET'S SEE WHAT YOU ALL CAN COME UP WITH!!
  9. Stomper

    Master Replica's Helmet CE

    Hey Dave, I just bought TWO of them tonight, and the total was $195.18 shipped w/insurance! I have a TE (signed by Matt himself), and a couple other WELL MADE fan-made sculpts, and for this kind of price the inaccuracies are not so insurmountable to rectify! If you can, go for it and maybe we can work on them this spring/summer! It's Redford Films, and it's $5 cheaper than the "Buy It Now" price they have on eBay. Here's the link where I got mine: http://stores.channeladvisor.com/redfor ... %20IV%20CE
  10. Stomper


    Seth, No matter HOW MUCH space you traqde up for, it'll always wind up not being enough!! My out building workshop is a real pit ATM... I have this narrow isle to a small space cleared out on my work bench just so I can finish up making all those Hovi's I've been moving. BTW, I haven't forgotten about those E-11 parts you asked about... almost able to get some photos for you!
  11. Stomper


    THAT is WAAAAAAYYYY, way too clean! Yolu need me to work in there for a few hours to fix that!!
  12. Stomper

    Photoshopper look here.

    NICE!! I actually pinched that one for the personal gallery I have for reference photos!!
  13. Stomper

    E-11 Mag Housing Cylinders

    If you need a set (less the inner mini-pins) I have a few spare super tough resin ones for about $10 ea. (includes PP and shipping)
  14. Stomper

    E-11 Mag Housing Cylinders

    Hey Ward, That photo is VERY similar to the MR E-11 I have.... but they are NOT screwed into the housing like those! I have never taken the cyliders apart so I can't help you on that one, but those smaller cylinders look to be some sort of uber-duty watch-band pins, or something of that nature.
  15. LOL... sheesh, time doth flyeth.... it was about this time last year that me and the family were in Australia for three weeks!! Right now I'm up in Seattle, WA on work related business. OK, to answer your question- I have just about everything I need (patterns, molds, procedure, etc.) to make any version E-11, except for the front muzzle of the ROTJ version as it's "flat" compared to the muzzle of the ANH and ESB versions which "protrudes" for the mounting ring of a bayonet. I'm also contemplating tweaking the shape of the trigger guard to a slightly more "squarish" look for the ROTJ version, and then make a master mold for that as well. In the end there will be around TEN "canon" versions available; 7- ANH, 1- ESB and 2- ROTJ (square or half round channels on the barrel), five different scope options, and whatever custom mix-match versions a trooper may want to order.... how's THAT for a bunch of confusing options? I've even SUCCESFULLY cast my own rubber version of a Scout Blaster that now resides with the CO of the Singapore Garrison. I plan on eventually making rubber E-11's and conducting a naming contest for my "Hyperfrim" version, awarding the winner their own rubber E-11!