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  1. the 1/2 pint glue that came with FX armor "IPS weld on ABS 2771" mine has dried out. I need a pint can with out buying a case of 24. Lowes does not carry it and what they sold me to use well.... I'd be better off using rubber bands, any suggestions on where to pick up a can?
  2. Hello everyone, I used Woodland scenics and Fullers Earth dirt to weather my armor, but it does not seem to stick to the boots and when it does it cracks and flakes off.Can someone please tell me what method they have/are using on weathering there boots.
  3. I know that the Sonix Victory 75 was located and nothing beats the real thing,but I was playin around so what do you think.
  4. I have been looking around for pics of a Charlie built pack, the topics that I have seen the pics have been removed. Is there anyone who has pics of Charlies pack build? I am stumped. After the colmplete assembly of the Cistern siphon,HB stackers,twinkie lid, scoop and funnel, I am not sure how to attach it to the blue box.
  5. I have a AP bucket, and I want to put fans in the bucket and have little room due to the size of the bucket and my big head. any suggestions on how/where to mount the fans???
  6. does anyone know the length of the shell? I think it is either 2 or 3'' long but unsure.
  7. tinman


    I recieved my ROM/FX Sound board today is there anyone who has this type of Voice Amp. if so where is a good place to mount it? I also have the E-4 SKULLWORX unit.
  8. items and tools that were used. 0000 wool I used this to dull down the color of the boxes and then washed them w/dawn dish washing liquid. here are the colors of paint that were used,thanks to TK-409 for the paint color of the blue/gray boxes. (SLATE BLUE 240251) this is the book where I found some of my items. I used a sharpie to trace around the lip,so that I could get as close as possible w/out cutting the original edge of the boxes. although the blk. boxes are not shown I used a chalk pen that is used in welding for marking the metal. primed and re-painted! 1/8 plexi- glass uesd to support the bolts/nuts upper box before weathering and attaching items. each item is weathered before attached to the box,so that I can get into the crevices w/out the paint from puddling up. Pic was taken w/out the flash,it appears to look white but it is not.The weathering that was used is the same as what was used on my armor. will post more pics when have time.
  9. here are some more, finished these up last night.
  10. materials came from Woodland Scenics' Earth Colors Liquid Pigments. 4 oz. bottles of Raw Umber (mfg. part # C1221), Yellow Ocher (mfg. part # C1223), and Burnt Umber (mfg. part # C1222). also Fuller's earth from cineshoppe.com in natural color (FE-0030N) and slate grey(FE-0030G). The technique came from this site. http://www.looksirdroids.com/replica_dirty_tutorial.htm
  11. Sorry I did something wrong with the pic upload trying to correct it.........
  12. here are a couple of my WIP pics, I have not installed the helmet electronic unit that is why the aerators are missing. let me know what you think
  13. I did a search for "Pauldron" but came up empty. The pauldron has ribs in the white and black part of the pauldron, Is there a templete so out there so that I can make one? I have a Orange pauldron but it does not have these rib lines. I like the white better due to the detail.
  14. Does anyone suggest the seperation of the upper/lower abdoman? Is there a topic on where and how to remove the section?
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