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  1. Hi! I ran into an issue attempting to navigate to the site. when you go to the www. Mepd.net url it auto directs to www.mepd.net/new which gives an error that the page can’t be found only forum.mepd.net worked for me
  2. talk to dean amstutz and todd they will help you out there great guys!!
  3. take some extra plastic laying around over lap it and glue the lower part to the inside of the bucket then use bondo or epoxy and smooth it out .... thats the best idea i can come up with
  4. I suggest moving the thighs up an inch or so. other than everything everyone else has said i think your looking awesome man good work!
  5. haha nice! np Greg glad you like the mug
  6. in my opinion using kevlar helmet pads is the best way
  7. Well i went to the spot where they filmed jabba's sail barge and sarlacc pit and dug up pieces of the set and took a few pictures It was a blast!! smacking a clean tk searching for set pieces digging found a piece of the sarlacc pit all the stuff i found pieces of wood from the sail barge, parts of the sarlacc pit and a petrified sand bag they used to hold the cameras down also found a few pieces of scaffolding
  8. doug Sorry to see ya go brother. Really hope everything gets sorted out and you return in the future. stay dirty!
  9. you could probably get some from supertrooper on whitearmor.net http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showuser=235
  10. Welcome! i think your shins a bit low and your thighs are a bit high and i would also suggest toning the weathering down a bit the color looks kinda weird to me. but your armor looks pretty good!
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