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  1. And many thanks to you my friend for building such an awesome T-21 for me!
  2. OK thanks Rick (it's kinda like being an expectant father again - any day now... )
  3. Any news on this yet anyone? I'm on tenterhooks here...
  4. Well done mate - you've done a fantastic job! Regards, Phil
  5. At last! If this doesn't do it I don't know what will... (I even remembered - though you can't really tell on these shots - to remove the elastic holding the chest and back plate together so that they're 'free floating') So according to my calculations, with the chest plate weathered and the knee belt trimmed, that completes all the mods suggested/recommended (so fingers crossed)
  6. Took me longer than I thought (darned real life getting in the way again! ) but have finally gotten round to re-weathering the chest plate to make it look a bit more accurate. Also attached are a few close ups of the trimmed knee ammo belt. All I need now is to get kitted up again and get a few photos to show the complete effect.
  7. Thanks guys! Will work on the weathering in the next week or so and then take some more pics to show completion. Regards, Phil
  8. Right - I think I'm just about there... The latest mod completed is that I've trimmed the knee ammo belt to make it narrower. So, since first submission, the changes I've made (as well as the knee plate) have been to; Add clover wire & flex wire detailing to T-21 Add circular detail to pauldron ABS strips to front of thigh armour One spanish pouch to left hip (though can wear two if needed - can anyone shed light on the question I asked earlier in this thread?) Joker smile & skid marks to helmet Remove mesh from behind frown Latest pics....
  9. OK - thigh strips added & weathered. The ammo belt is missing from the photo as I'm exploring the possibility of trimming it to make it slightly narrower - however it looks like I may damage it if I do so am undecided at the moment. Now I've made all the necessary mods as suggested, I'm going to take and post a few more pics of me fully suited up which should hopefully show the full effect of the enhancements.
  10. Hi Juan, I just need a point of clarification please re the Spanish pouches. Above quotation states that the captain version I'm going for (Garinden)doesn't wear one on his right hip but quoted elsewhere on this board there's a diagram for SWAT requirements that says he wears one on each hip. Here's the link... http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=7251 I guess it's a moot point seeing as how they're easily detachable but it'd be good to know which one is right (TBH - I always thought he wore two ) As for the thigh trims, I've measured and cut two strips of ABS so will be glueing them tonight and weathering tomorrow so should have the pics ready in the next day or so. OOooohh! Can't wait - I can see light at the end of the docking bay now!
  11. Nearly there..... Reattached curly flex wire to other side of gun barrel and removed forward sight. Have got loads of abs to play with so will work on putting two strips on my thighs. Here's a pic of what they look like now so will post up one when I get the strips added.
  12. Cheers Jason - I know exactly what you mean More pics to come...
  13. One other question though re the curly flex wire... Which side of the barrel should it be on? On yours Dave it's on the L/H but on closer inspection the screen cap shows it to be on the other side - or it certainly looks like that to me. What do you think?
  14. The sight cover is easily rotated - it actually functions as it has a nut inside which tightens the main that joins the two parts of the gun. I'd just not tightened it fully on the other pic. Re the coiled wire being shorter or put at another angle - I can do this easily enough so will adjust and put another pic up. As for the specific dirt patterns on the chest, here are some clearer photos to show the weathering that I've applied.
  15. Actually, just taken a better picture of the pauldron with circular detail and it looks better in this light.
  16. O-Kayyyy!First tweaks done... Clover wire & flex detailing added to T-21... Skid marks & joker grin added to helmet... And lastly (for now) circular detail added to pauldron. The detail is a bit washed out on the photos but if I apply any further layers of weathering it'll look too dark.
  17. Congratulations Guy! (can't believe I missed this ) Look forward to trooping with you soon - it's been too long as it is mate.
  18. Cheers Dave! I can see that I shall be getting my paintbrush out over the weekend...
  19. Thanks Juan, Sorry for the late post in reply and thanks to everyone for their comments & suggestions. I'm gonna add the circular detail to my pauldron and the coiled/clover shaped wires to my T-21 over the weekend. I know what to do regards the pauldron and have sourced some wire already for the 'clover shape' detail and I plan to use some old electric razor flex wire for the mid point on the T-21 barrel. As for the Spanish pouch, that's an easy fix - I'll just wear one as they're only attached to my belt with velcro. The biggest mod I have to do is the thigh strips because - to my shame - I don't actually have the strips on my thighs. Attached is a close up. However, if this is what's needed then I'll set to work. As for dyeing one of my T-21 straps, that's caught me completely by surprise :o - I didn't know they were two colours (both of mine are the tan colour at the moment) Lastly, does anyone have any good pics of the skid marks and joker grin on the helmet? Cheers fellas!
  20. Well done Dave! A just reward and recognition for all the effort you've put in - great work mate! :D Regards, Phil
  21. Thanks all for the kind words and tips on the extra detailing needed Jason - re the bit about the circular patch on the pauldron - can you recommend a good way to do this? Also, don't worry about the drink you owe me mate - I intend to claim this back (with interest) before the year is out! Dave - long time no see mate & hope you're well. I've been following your thread requesting SWAT status and you've done a brilliant job. Well done mate. Look forward to trooping together again (seems ages ago when we met at the NSC a few years ago - which I think was your induction ) As for the beard, it comes and goes depending on my mood - but it does seem a bit rebellious for me as a trooper to follow jedi fashion
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