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  1. Loooool...I didn't see that you're a german kraut too If I have to explain something in the details, I have a little bit problems with the language ...and that's annoying. But it can only get better....I'll keep practicing Cheers, mate.
  2. Hey mate...as I can see on the pics, it's the different paint material ...better says the material from different manufacturers is the problem. Always stay with one manufacturer. And the next tip is...Do not paint too "full"...it's a bit tricky to explain this in english I mean, if you paint the laque material too much in one working process, then arise such wrinkle formations. Please also make sure that the first paint material is well dried. Sry mate...I can't better explain this ....something like that can have different factors....of these three factors may have been one of them. A question ...why did you not repaint the khaki paint? Btw...good choice with the Davin Felth helmet...I like this too. My Sandtrooper is also the Desert Sergeant- Version Here's mine--->> Furthermore much fun with your build of your costume Cheers...
  3. Thank you for the info, Justus Cheers...
  4. Yep...I was talking about this...but the links doesn't works. @Gordonator can you say anything about this?!? Thx...
  5. Ola dirty troops... I can't find the topic with the infos for the forum support ( $ for the MEPD )....I have too much dollars Can anyone help me please?!? Thx in advance. Cheers...
  6. Ohweeeeh...I wish you all a happy new year too....can I still write this?!?! Cheers....
  7. ....I want to wish you and your family Merry Christmas, happy Holidays and a happy New Year =Dirty Greetings from Germany=
  8. Woop woop Scott....it was a long time since I heard from you. Hope you and your family are well.
  9. Hidihooo dirty dudes... happy easter and finds some colorful eggs ...especially have some beautiful hours with your familys. CHeers.....
  10. Sry, I didn't know where to go with this question.... ...but it sounds great that they working on some things. Cheers...
  11. Ola dudes... like the topic says, I want to offer suggestions for improvements for this forum. I missing the newest topics they are displayed on the right side. And then, the HP is generally too dark. A color contrast would be not bad. What do you think, guys?!? Is there in the forum a topic for "suggestions for improvements"...then big sry. I didn't found it. Cheers...
  12. Hey...the best methode for your weathering is, with sandpaper to grind the edges and corners over all the armour and helmet and rub over it with a newspaper (the black color of the letters from the newspaper). Next step is the weathering with black and darkbrown. Dab with a sponge (no, not spongebob ) and the color over the armour and then with a kitchenpaper over the color...especially at the deepst places./ areas. After the weathering you can make a light washing ( heavily diluted with water) with the brown color over all the complete armour. But with airbrush?...not really Cheers...
  13. Dudes... I wish you all a good year in your jobs here in 'our' MEPD....good luck and have fun
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