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  1. dirtydave

    PMs not showing up

    Hey Damon,It does tell me my in box is full to delete messages.I deleted some messages (I think),Maybe I'm not deleting messages the right way?Could some one tell me the right way? Thanks,Dave
  2. dirtydave

    PMs not showing up

    Hey Vincent I tried to message you again but it still says in box is full.I did figure out how to reply without quoting. Dave
  3. dirtydave

    PMs not showing up

    Thanks Vincent.I'm having trouble posting in a thread also.I can only do it if I quote some one.Any help would be great. Thanks,Dave
  4. dirtydave

    Woodmans' Si-Man Helmet

    **** that looks like a super sharp pull.Good luck with the rest of the build. Dave
  5. dirtydave


    Thanks Rolf.It took a bit of work to get it to look like that.
  6. dirtydave


    Hey Rolf,I started my own thread Cistern/siphon,with pictures.Sorry I'm the worst with computers or I would post/link them here.My thread is just a few tthreads down in the back pack forum. Dave
  7. dirtydave


    Hey Rolf,I post a picture of my mod cistern in a thread titled cistern/siphon.I remeber you ask to see a picture of it.LMK what you think. Dave
  8. dirtydave


    Pictures of my cistern.Before & after. LMK what you all think.
  9. dirtydave

    Tupperwear box now.

    Hey Rolf,That looks like the one to me(even the same blue coler mine use to be).All the screen shots I looked at you can see a remnance of the circle & writing,circle in the middle writing to the left.Maybe they sanded them down.I left mine as is.
  10. dirtydave


    Yes you have to cut the plastic out between the two tubes.I'm working on my siphon(cistern) I got from 1970s right now.I made the support piece between the tubes from sheet styrene.I'll try to post pictures when I'm done.Remember to use the gallery section for reference.Good luck with the build.
  11. dirtydave

    Wien stolla.

    Try to get in touch with Braks buddy.He has a nice collection & seems to know a bit about them.
  12. dirtydave

    Sergeant pack.

    Rocko thanks for posting the link(I really need to learn how to use this computer).Rolf thanks for the kind words.My stow n go is 2 1/2 inches deep,hope that helps.
  13. dirtydave

    Sergeant pack.

    If you look in the backpack section and find my thread "new pack",you can see the pictures of the filter I made useing truck door edge trim.
  14. dirtydave

    TE Helmet done

    Saberfreak over on TheRPF is the guy your talking about.I have some from him,very nice.
  15. Braksbuddy has a thread in this forum"challeging a myth"check it out.I agree with him ,bakelite.