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  1. That is a lot of great work paying off, congratulations on your approval. Truly, brilliant work.
  2. Congrats on anohter year Rick!
  3. I used the black RIT dye method, was not hard to do and they came out great looking. Four years later, they look even better as the Florida sun has done a really nice fading job on the dyed pouches, the tops are lighter tha the bottom and they look beautifully weathered now.
  4. Are you coming this Friday the 6th? I am there all weekends, it would be nice to meet you, if you are coming. SWW is a blast and we all have such a good time, both at Disney and quite a bit of partying at the Ramada afterward lol. Hope to see you out there.
  5. Here was the group shot from the Saturday, of Weekend 1.
  6. Welcome back..............they always come back haha. I am in the same boat, retiring my setup after SWW and then building new armor. Times have changed and it's time I do the same. Good luck!
  7. Looking good, the sand texture is a nice touch. Good luck!!
  8. Hey guys, the time has come for me to build a completely new Sandy. My armor is getting old and needs to be updated, while I am at it I am going to be upgrading my pack as I think I'll be going for SWAT now (been deployed for a few years). I have a crashman pack kit that I built following Scootch's tutorial (which has held up amazingly well through years of abuse) but the faceplate is not as nicely detailed as all the radios I see now. I am looking to replace the face plate and am wondering if somebody can point me in the direction of who to contact about that? Thanks!
  9. Nice work, always fun to see a scratch build like that. Good job!
  10. Haha, serious trooper is serious. Lookin' good though.
  11. Happy birthday, sounds like it's been a good one!
  12. I'll be going as well as another Deployed squad mate, we are setup to volunteer for the Tattooine display on Saturday afternoon. I'll keep an eye on this for more details.
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