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  1. or four very short troopers... hehehe...
  2. Seems odd, as I'm from over the pond, and as you say, it will not affect us. Is that compliant with human rights law- in that due to geographical location, you will be penalised, when I won't be...
  3. Welcome along Buddy Nick
  4. B and Q (DIY.Com ) will probably be able to send you some 90 degree parts, or the great auction site in the sky... (fleabay).. Nick
  5. Some of the LEGO AT-AT sets have snow bikers in them..
  6. Looking great, and now no toilet humour for those tks to point out... They have nothing better to do, being all shiny and all that...
  7. Vielen dank fur das video Harald, viellicht ein jahr komm Ich ruck zu Deutschland fur diesem bedeutendes Ereignis, Nick
  8. Love the poster, however, in the UK, the words 'big job' have toilet humour connotations....
  9. A T shirt which you can attach a patch to.... Double the expenditure to get past Mrs TD9445.. p.s. Im now humming 'safe home' by anthrax...
  10. Congrats Jay, well done. Great feeling, isn't it? You almost got me with the dates, I was thinking 'but it hasnt been the 8th of November yet'..... d'oh Nick
  11. The photos look great, just such a shame it's so far away.... and it wasnt in SoCal.... If they hold one there. it's worth the journey.. but great shots anyway Nick
  12. Welcome along James. Are you UKG cleared yet buddy? Our own kit would be great, but the whole dpm thing just doesnt mtach buddy... I do agree though, my long back bergen would be so much easier to wear for 4 + hours than my screen pack... but hey **, and Bounty one, you wont believe what the combat store in Oceanside offered me for my bergen... Nick
  13. Welcome along Dave, and well done dave for the assistance you put in buddy. Nick
  14. Welcome Booty... Have you joined the UKG yet Buddy?
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