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  1. *done* TD-14831 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats & welcome!
  2. Bootlegger137’s Sandy Test Fitting (AM 2.0)

    Looking good Chris!
  3. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Thank you very much, there are a lot of great troopers in this detachment with a wealth of knowledge & always willing to help.
  4. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Jon, Thanks for the close up pics of the blaster....I would have missed those two little wires at the bottom for sure.
  5. TD build for my wife - Anovos conversion

    Man, great job on sizing that kit down!
  6. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    I like the shape & size of the RS you have, It is a pain in the pan when you get your head stuck in your bucket. Having to wiggle it on sideways past your pouches, pauldron & pack is a bugger for sure.
  7. I tip my bucket to you, that stock looks really nice.
  8. First build - Weathering my Sandtrooper

    If that's just paint, I think that looks really good....It looks natural, no hard edges.
  9. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Thank you very much guys, I appreciate the time you took to look over my submission & the impute you gave as well. I will also be doing the other "suggested" fixes as well. Here is my "Action/attitude" photo for my Deployment picture.
  10. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Bigwam, here you go.....
  11. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Here is the new wire.... Doesn't get any tighter than that.....
  12. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    OK, I have single steel wire… That would make it easier to wrap it tighter also
  13. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Would you rather it not be plastic encased? I have that too.
  14. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Right on, thanks guys. I will get you those pack off back pictures tomorrow at some point. I will also post up an “Action” shot.
  15. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Here are the pictures with the required fix's & a suggested fix of the cod piece, along with a pic of the strapping. I will get a picture of me suited up later tonight so you can see my back plate on me. Thank you, -R- Thinner wire on the T-tracks Lower helmet screws... Flat chest plate screws.... Cod piece trimmed.... Back plate....The magnet keeps my pauldron in place. Mid section strapping....