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  1. Looking good brother!!!! I heard today that there was a potential for an actual arrest.
  2. Merch comes & goes in waves.....having "stock" is a hard thing to keep track of when staff positions change, not to mention that they are costly. That being said, thank you for making this a great detachment that we are all proud to be a part of. Thank you for the merch that we do have & thank you for the merch that is to come.
  3. Thank you very much, there are a lot of great troopers in this detachment with a wealth of knowledge & always willing to help.
  4. Jon, Thanks for the close up pics of the blaster....I would have missed those two little wires at the bottom for sure.
  5. I like the shape & size of the RS you have, It is a pain in the pan when you get your head stuck in your bucket. Having to wiggle it on sideways past your pouches, pauldron & pack is a bugger for sure.
  6. I tip my bucket to you, that stock looks really nice.
  7. If that's just paint, I think that looks really good....It looks natural, no hard edges.
  8. Thank you very much guys, I appreciate the time you took to look over my submission & the impute you gave as well. I will also be doing the other "suggested" fixes as well. Here is my "Action/attitude" photo for my Deployment picture.
  9. Here is the new wire.... Doesn't get any tighter than that.....
  10. OK, I have single steel wire… That would make it easier to wrap it tighter also
  11. Would you rather it not be plastic encased? I have that too.
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