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  1. I’ve got a pack building announcement coming next week. I’m not going to spill the beans yet but these are Cadillac packs for the detail oriented. PM if anyone is interested and keep an eye out for the announcement Woodman
  2. No reply from the OP...…………………….
  3. THX everyone for the support concerning TT. I really appreciate it. Woodman
  4. I started with a close color and had them tweak it to our satisfaction. I have the exact color formula
  5. I don't agree with the Krylon battleship grey color. It's just way too dark to me. This is a custom mixed color I had done with Gino's input. The paint is the same on a single part in 4 different lighting sources. IMO there is definitely blue in it but the nearly straight grey Krylon Battleship grey is way too dark. My color next to the original pic Strider posted.
  6. Lee what am I to think here? You both live in the U.K. You have the same last name. Am I just supposed to say fine you're not his brother just because you say so? How am I to believe or prove it? Chris recast my radio period of that I have no doubt. He needs to post up and say you have no part in this. Like I said I will stand up for your reputation and publicly apologize but I need some more input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah I'm not removing anything until things have been thoroughly discussed and proven. I won't have any problem making a public apology to you at that time. Beyond that take it up the CS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've spent the day going over their posted pics and comparing them to my unaltered original cast of the Sonix and I feel with absolute certainty they've recast my radio. I've talked to an MEPD CS member about this and gotten the go ahead to post this as they agree I have a valid claim. I also sought the advice of outside parties to review my pics and they agree as well. First up is the fact that I unknowingly sold 2 kits to ************* in London and from what I can gather he is Chris Cooper of Tosche Traders brother. ******* bought a full kit with everything and a second set of plastic parts only. I admit I didn't think much at the time. This fact is without question as I have Paypal transaction ID#'s and shipping proof. Second up is the original radio had several unique spots of damage which the TT casting has all of them repaired. The surface of the original radio has a definite texture to it and in every place there was a dent or damage that texture is gone on the TT casting. Third some of the unique damage is still there. Forth the dial window had to be removed when I molded the faceplate and a super slick section of ABS inserted to withstand the pressure in my chamber, this section is identical to my photos. Fifth up There is a wavy distortion between the sections in the top groove that is a result of the silicone in my master mold cupping during the exothermic reaction and it's very obvious that that distortion matches exactly, this is not on the real radio only on my casting. For it to be an exact match isn't possible beyond coming from a recast of my faceplate. The antenna is an exact cast of the one I sent. I've highlighted the tells so I urge everyone to have a look for themselves. Now I want to make light of the cavalier nature this was undertaken. Not only did they recast my radio but they did so with the intention to undercut my sales with a price half that of mine. They invested $400 in their covert plan while myself, Gino and RS invested $7500 initially and then I invested another $750 in multiple sets of molds and resin masters. They've even been so bold as to post their sales have been so good that the what to do the community a solid and lower their price even further all the while every single one of those sales should have been bought from me so essentially they've stolen from me. Gino and RS. I call on all MEPD members who've ordered from them to demand a refund and I'll gladly match the $100 price for the same parts. I don't feel the need to call on TT to produce proof otherwise of my claims as I think the pics speak for themselves. If I have my way they will be banned from MEPD with the suggestion they be banned from FISD as well. It goes without saying I'm very disappointed I've been in this community for a long time and always tried to maintain a sterling reputation this just puts me off. Woodman
  9. ................ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The roadblock pouch has yet to be identified. The only thing accurate to it will be a replica. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I'm for including the R1 and the SE pack. The SE troopers are a mess but they're canon and should be represented. I'm good for info on the Roadblock Private pack Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Here's some pics of finished pulls for my pack. I don't own a vac forming machine. I won't be offering vac formed trays. The real trays are not vac formed they're injection molded. I've captured the true essence of the trays with this manner if people are just set on vac formed trays they'll have to settle for something inaccurate and currently available. It's not possible to reproduce them accurately in vac form. If anyone is interested in a set pm me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Wink wink.........lol but seriously the dimensions should be spot on. A bit of construction info they're completely made from wood and skim putty. Each tray master has a full can of filler primer on it in so many layers I lost count. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The molds are done and came out fantastic. This about to go from build thread to sales thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Gino sent me pics of his real tray so using the info of known real parts I feel these are the most accurate trays outside of the real thing. I'm going to be offering these in super thin fiberglass. The real trays are injection molded so vac forming them won't produce the ultra sharp details. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I'm not comfortable with pics being plastered all over the site. I would ask that model numbers and other info be kept private until this deal is fully finished. We have a LARGE monetary invest on the line here and there's a real chance blasting the secrets all over the place will result in us having to back out of the deal. As much as we want to bring this to the community we cant pay thousands of dollars without solid return on the investment. I hope you all understand this. Woody
  17. Actually Myself, RS and Gino jointly made the deal. Yes casts are coming.
  19. UPDATE 1/11 This deal has been concluded and the radio has been shipped. It's on the way to me and I have shipping confirmation and tracking info. THE SIGNUP LIST IS IN THE SALE SECTION. Here's the link to the signup list http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/14869-sonix-victory-radio-castings-from-original-radio/ Woodman
  20. Yeah but the Roadblock scene Private is missing from it. Any reason why he's not listed?
  21. I cant seem to find the Roadblock Private listed in the breakdowns? Where has it gone? This is only TD to wear the unique right side pouch and stand immediately next to Anthony Forrest..........I'm sure everyone knows this I'm just being thorough. lol
  22. Here's a somewhat better photo I bought the pouch in the pic from Art and he did the layout. I think it's a small Spanish pouch
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