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  1. Well done buddy welcome to SWAT long hard road but you done it mate Also a big well done to Dave a true Sandie Bro
  2. Arrived Today Jay outstanding work Sir .
  3. Looking good Dave good luck with clearance bud locker room filling up.
  4. JK007

    Bad news

    Good luck Bro been in the same situation,as you said hold your head up high and walk proud your son comes first,your ex will make more mistakes and this will mount up and go against her if she continues with the unwarranted conduct.Towards you and your son hope all works out for you Bro.
  5. Jay Sir David just filled me in on the decals awesome bud defo on these ,not been on for a while work and life getting in the way but now back on track I hope. Pm inbound
  6. Looking good bud shame i missed the MEM Troop as the guys are saying keep tweeking and it wont be long till your in the locker room. Good luck.
  7. Dave sorry for the late response Bro been busy with work and other things not been about much on the forums. Knowing the standard that you and Dave have been working towards don't see any major issues bro Good luck with the clearance and get the full pics on buddy.
  8. Looking Good Rick nice job on the weathering good luck.
  9. Looking Good Phil like the mods wont be long now SWAT room filling up
  10. Cheers Dave your welcome over the border anytime Bro, as Dave said we neeed another troop shame on the distance guys put we will troop again hopefully soon.
  11. Phil just noticed as Juan said you will need the front strips good weathering mate just noticed i think i need me eyes tested. Couple of abs strips and your sorted.
  12. Looking good Phil like the weathering bud its coming together nicely keep the pic's coming. Sometimes you will feel like doing this Phil but just keep going.
  13. Dave THANKS BRO for the kind words Sir, as you said we all do this not to be eliteist but to honour the image of the Sandie which we all wear with pride and honour. I salute you sir and await another great troop with you and the guys. Bye the way you still didn't weather the gaffa tape
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