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  1. Hey bro welcome in the sandpit jeps there is alot to be done but no problem help you with it.
  2. Congratulations bro and all the best
  3. Happy new year brothers of the sandpit
  4. Congratulations all 2 off you sad that they not remain liltle ,and it's true what they say when you have kids time flies. Good luck brothers with these 2 miracles.
  5. verry nice looking verry good and welcome to the sandpit
  6. Hi Glenn welcome to the sandpit ,the best place on earth
  7. Sad to hear this bro your BFGs looking verry good
  8. Yes and no if the orange cap on the end made by the toymaker yes but it may not be removable. Do you put a orange cap after you bought the gun example T-21 no your lose your weapon. I ask the police but what if i paint my BFG orange the whole gun ,they could not tell me what will happen :o If i paint it orange it does not look like a real weapon i said to them,yes but your T-21 is build on lewis gun so its doubtful. I think when i have a troop in the netherlands i take a supersoaker and when i am on troop in belgium en gemany i take my BFG,sad but i think the best way to do i don't want to lose my BFG.
  9. As far as i can remember this law came in 1986 ,before there was't any law about fake weapons, i can remember in the 80 ties i bought a rambo knive and a crosbow without any problems i was just 14 years old you could kill some one with these weapons.I then had a rambo costume walked over te street met the police no problemo they even liked it with my knive en crosbow. They say in the dark you can't see if its a real weapon or not ,but my idea is because there was no law before they have been caught up. But i must say the netherlands is a land of confusion steal a candy and you go to prison kill somebody with a little luck 2 years and you a free to go. Same with the grass you can buy it on every corner off the street no problemo.But do you have a black E-11 or a BFG you have a problem.
  10. This can only happen in the Netherlands our law is very strict in replicas it is so you'd better have a real gun this is less serious than a fake gun believe it or not its the truth. In Belgium and Germany you may have them but there are rules for them how to transport etc. This what we call united europe Last update a local toy-shop will give 8 E-11 blaster for free for the one who lost his E-11 I wonder what the police think of this action
  11. A little update The CO of the dutch garrison Barry.R was on Dutch tv channel SBS 6. Here is the link we are working on subtitles so far its only in Dutch bunch of losers In the worst case they have to pay 270 euro each make a total off 8x 270 euro is 2160euro. 2 years probation and being watch if they found replicas within these 2 years they have to go to prison. All members off the Dutch Garrison can expect a visit from the police for a house search. The lost euros off the weapons is not known. As soon as i know more i will post it here
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