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  1. Gordonator

    *DONE* TD-34575 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats on the fast deployment! Your shinny gold coin is already on its way.
  2. Congrats and well done
  3. Heads up Troops, This is a piece of good news for deployed Police Officers. Those of you who have previously purchased a Police Officer gold coin and want to buy a second, you may now do so. We are currently rolling out a new version of the coin, this time with 3D effect on the trooper. This is a limited time offer, we will stop existing Officers from getting a second once we hit a certain stock level, so that we have enough available for future Police Officers. New Police Officers who are approved from now onward will get to buy this new version. Please take note, new and existing Police Officer can only buy one of this 3D coin. Please refer to the thread below for payment details and leave your comments there after you have done the funds transfer. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/13207-coin-sale-deployed-police-officer-gold-coin/
  4. Gordonator

    *DONE* TD-79008 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats and well done! Your shinny gold coin will be on its way end of the week
  5. Gordonator

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    Hi Scott, I don't understand your complain here. But I shall try my best to explain the merch process and hopefully it will give a better understanding on what goes on behind the scene. First off, the MEPD has always has a constant supply of merch. 2018 so far we already done these merchs below - Desert Fox patch - MEPD new costume coin - MEPD racing shirt - MEPD new costume 10" patch Since we are now at the last day of July, Thats an average of 1 merch every 2 months. To me, that's a reasonable time frame. Please bear in mind it typically takes around 3 months for a merch to be completed from start to finish, from getting the design done, getting it approved, liaising with the vendor to make sample, opening the run on the forums, improving on the sample, actual production, shipping, packing them individually and finally mailing them out to buyers. Thats for the first 2 months. The 3rd month is after sale support where we wait for buyers to receive the items and to resolve any issue that may arise. Some runs might take shorter or longer depending on whether its a re-run, how fast the legion approve things, how much improvements are needed and how fast the shipping takes. We just ended the ordering phrase of the MEPD 10" patch and is currently in production and waiting for them to be shipped to me. Rest assured there's always something moving in the merch train, a lot of time it's waiting and logistics. But even while waiting, we are planning for the next one. Which in this case will be the regular MEPD shield patch, which will open order once the 10" patch after sale support is concluded, which is end of August. The MEPD shield patch is a regular item which we re-run every year during the fall. Please keep a look out for it if you are interested. Speaking of looking out for it, I understand some people will say they always missed out on runs thus the impression MEPD has nothing to offer. I will strongly suggest for everyone to log in the forums at least once or twice a month to check out what merch are available and to stay on tops of things, like announcements, check out others' PO/SWAT application etc. A merch ordering period usually goes on for 3 weeks so if you log in at the minimum once a month, there's no reason to miss anything. I also try my best to order extras to keep for latecomers but even those will run out eventually. Lastly, members might want to ensure they have requested for the correct forum access. Most merchs are posted either in the 501st or Sandtrooper section. So make sure you can access them. And finally, I think its unfair to compare with other detachments because everyone has their own workflow and ways of doing things. Some of them might have the budget to order a big chunk to keep as readily available stock or their merch vendor is just next door, or they have extra pair of hands at home to help pack stuffs or their postage service is super efficient etc. All in all, I believe that as long as we are not terribly bad at doing merchs or take way too long to get them done, we should be OK and we humbly seek your understanding and patience while we work the best we can to get things out to you.
  6. Gordonator

    *done* TD-86557 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats and well done.
  7. Gordonator

    NEW Police Officer Deployed Card Background

    Looks awesome Luis! Is there any Police Officers you are currently working on right now that will use this new background? Will love to see one with a trooper on it.
  8. Gordonator

    *DONE* TD-11829 Requesting Deployment

    Great work. Well done.
  9. Hi Caleb, I would recommend you get approved as a 501st member first before submitting for Police Officer. Good luck!
  10. Gordonator

    *done* TD-14831 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats. Welcome to the ranks.
  11. Congrats and well done
  12. Gordonator

    TD 10678 Skull Garrison

    Good luck!
  13. Gordonator

    *DONE* TD-92698 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats and welcome to the ranks, Your gold coin will go out on Monday.
  14. Gordonator

    In Memoriam: TD-83314

    Troops, It is with deep sorrow that we announce that one of our brothers, MEPD Police Officer TD-83314 Art Liu, from the Taiwan Garrison passed away today March 28, 2018. Art was a pilot with Mandarin Airlines and accordingly to news report, became very ill just as his flight was about to depart. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3392861 Art joined the 501st Legion in Auguest 2016 with TD as his primary costume. Other than being a Sandie, he is also a TI, IC, ID and SL (Darth Revan) . He was deployed as a Police Officer on Oct 17, 2016. His thread can be found here. Art is a good friend and we trooped together on 2 occasions last year, the first ever Star Wars Run in Asia held in Singapore and Star Wars Day at Legoland in Malaysia, both took place in May 2017. He also attended Star Wars Celebration in Orlando the month before as well. Art is an outgoing person who is a joy to be with. He brighten up the party whenever he is around. He will be dearly missed. Buckets off.
  15. Gordonator

    *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats and well done