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  1. LCO Reporting In

    Hi Sir, Welcome to the MEPD. I have a question for you. What do you think the D in TD stands for? Desert? Deploy? Dirty?
  2. Command Staff members 2018

    Always a pleasure to serve. Rock on!
  3. 2018 Election Results

    Congrats Boss @dutchy ! And more importantly, thank you both candidates for running in the elections
  4. SWAT List in order of deployment

    Thanks for the file Darren, btw you are a 501st member right? Whats your TD ID? We need to update your forum account.
  5. *DONE* TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats and well done. Packing your shiny gold coin now.
  6. Good luck for SWAT Vincent! Hopefully you got the time to do the fixes. So close now! All the best!
  7. Congrats and well done!
  8. Well done Vincent! Welcome to the ranks!
  9. Congrats and well done!
  10. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Well done! Btw, @Felice did you assign the wrong tab? Jérôme is now spotting the SWAT tab instead of the Police Officer tab.
  11. Send your photo to Luis asap so that I can feature youand Thomas on the MEPD Facebook page
  12. Good job. 2 German SWAT Officers in a row! Nicely done! SWAT patches are going out tomorrow.
  13. Congrats Thomas! Well done! If you want some SWAT patches, you know where to look. Tomorrow I am sending 2 sets to that other guy in Germany.
  14. Good luck for deployment!