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  1. Superb! I love Weird Al. **** cool!
  2. Cool Pictures! Hope you had fun, but it looks so :-)
  3. Hey, this looks much better than before! Well done!
  4. Yeah, thumps up! A little less colour (weathering), shins little larger, femurs a bit lower and someday another bucket. But nevertheless at this stage great work, good armour and great field pack! Welcome on board! Definetly correct decision with your character
  5. Nice pictures bro! Fine that you had fun, I hope to troop again by myself soon <_<
  6. TNX, it was a cool troop and we were surprised by ourself how much money we could collect for the kids in only six hours. Have also fun this weekend Bryan! Greetz
  7. Togehter with a friendly local Star Wars Club I trooped at a shopping center on the last November weekend in order to collect some money for children suffering from cancer. Six hours of fun yielded a total of 777 Euros. I am the Sandtrooper on the pictures. Here are four picture galleries: My link Have fun!
  8. Wow, great work! Could you please sent me some pics too? I am actually building a Lewis. My email is kostuembau(at)izwe.de
  9. I can only follow the previous comments. Great work!
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