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  1. I'll be there most if not all days. Was wondering same thing about detachment shoot myself.
  2. TD2802

    MEPD jacket

    Thanks all! Received lots of compliments from my garrison and public at large asking about the MEPD.
  3. TD2802

    MEPD jacket

    Hey all, its been ages since I've visited the boards (work, kids college tuition and Darth Life in general). Inspired by WW2 bomber jackets, I always wanted an MEPD theme and particularly liked our own sandy brother Rolf's design he came out with a few years back (there was even a t-shirt run). In homage to his artistry and MEPD, I recreated that image with acrylics on my jacket so I can represent wherever I go. Cheers!
  4. Gets a dirty hoorah from me. Glad you joined the dirt side.
  5. This is one of my garrison mates and he literally just completed that armor. **** shame too so we're all on the lookout and setting blasters to kill. Speculation in cases like this that since it was stored in a bin, the thief thought he was getting tools. When he saw they weren't it could end up in a dump in addition to fencing it in secondary markets.
  6. While winding up our booth at Emerald City Comicon aka ECCC, Ray Park (in black shirt behind the droid) dropped by and mugged for the camera while I was sporting the sandy. Pardon the silly expression under the bucket.
  7. Good to see you at the con Blake!
  8. Been gone a long time and hope to get back in the dirt. Spent too much soft time as an IG but hoping to reconnect with my MEPD bros.
  9. Interesting thread and can imagine the UK being a hotbed for the paranormal. I'm not really much of a believer myself but when I was about 8 or 9, I went on an overnight school trip to Williamsburg, VA. Shared a room in an old style inn with a couple other boys. In the wee early morning hours, the room got freezing cold and a blurred figure of a man in apparently 18th century clothing stood gazing out the window. Lasted no more than 10 seconds before he faded away. My roomates and I freaked and hid under the covers the rest of the night. We reported it to one of our teachers next morning who didn't take us seriously of course. He asked one of the inn staff if there were heating problems since the building was so old because of our story. We told him which room we were in and he kind of chuckled and said we had the rare luck to be visited by their resident spook. Story goes he was some kind of merchant who committed suicide due to heavy financial debts. So that was my brief encounter anyway and to this day can't really say what I saw was real or not - maybe just my way of denial. More recently, every summer my garrison troops a nearby small town as part of their parade festivities. They usually let us use their old library basement to dress and stow bins. According to the state registry of historical places, this library was purportedly haunted by a former librarian who died in the 1920s. We never paid it much attention since we were mostly focused about gearing up for the parade. However one year, one of the jedi in our sister rebel group who said she was sensitive to such phenomena (no force jokes intended!) said she immediately sensed another presence in the basement with us and felt uneasy. Rest of us felt nothing and only after a few moments did she feel it safe to enter herself. Was going make a crack about her force powers but could tell she really felt unnerved by something and left it at that.
  10. Why I no longer do events like birthday parties. Period. I learned my lesson on that score more than once.
  11. Lol! These aren't called 'scofflaws' for nothing. Here in WA, we once trooped a shopping mall till security said we couldn't wear helmets but were ok with carrying all our prop weapons around.
  12. Should've named it Tatooine; sure George would approve.
  13. Lest we forget, ANH is a derivative of Kurosawa's 'The Hidden Fortress'.
  14. I'm not one for post counts either. Some of us can't be here (or on other forums for that matter) as much as we'd like due to real-life issues. That doesn't mean our enthusiasm and affinity for our sandy brothers is any less than those with higher post counts. Rep points is the better option especially for contributive posters.
  15. Thought this would be a cool tutorial for anyone wanting to create their own formal occupants of the Lars homestead.
  16. Excellent skills bro! Scratch builds have a come a long way in terms of craftsmanship and accuracy and yours is a fine example.
  17. Weathering looks great, especially the radio.
  18. Sounds fun! I also coach (and ump) my son's games. He's a little older so its no longer coach-pitch. Right now they're in the playoffs and lost a nail biter yesterday. They did manage one HR and even a grand slam to lead by 9 to 4. But the opposing team got last bat and won by walks. Some of the boys were in tears. We told them to shake it off because that's baseball. Tomorrow last playoff game of the season. Go Cyclones!
  19. Welcome Splat, (its shinchan ) I see you finally found your way over to the sandies. I'm also working on an IG and have seen the trooper1 paulys up close and consider them top notch. And to echo Bluey and Sandman, you gotta go TD. I've seen your Fett and if you can pull that off, you should be able to do a sandy. IMO its one of the most complex to do in the legion; guess that's what makes them so cool.
  20. I got some wire but don't think its the right type. Any suggestions?
  21. I went with a satin look but may do a light dusting of matte to tone down the sheen a bit. Here's a couple of quick pics. Sorry for the crappy quality.
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