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  1. Hey Cesar - welcome aboard.!
  2. Thank goodness it wasn’t just me - I wondered what happened...
  3. Why not? I've used cinnamon before now... Nice and fine and about the right color...!
  4. The picture looks like they have black soles... But think about it, they may not have the original boots so they used what was available now, and black is probably the easiest to get... Looking at the screen grabs as well, you don't actually see their boots...
  5. Right with you on the shoulder straps but man those ab buttons look painted... TK ab plate but painted...
  6. I don't think there is a good enough shot of their shoulder straps but if it is ROTJ armor then we can assume ribbed. However, look at the ab plate in this screen shot? Have the ab buttons been painted?
  7. I think I noted that earlier based on the bust you posted, so yes the proposed CRL needs to be updated. It still notes having a shoulder pouch (not needed - see pic on page 1 and commented on) So what are we expecting here? Do we think existing TD's just swap the pack? are we thinking that TK's just muck up, add a pack and deliver? Or do we want actual ROTJ's converting or starting at the beginning? We seem to be talking all three here in my opinion. I don't think we can just add a pack and be SE - CRL has too many changes TK's should be a good starting point IF they do a couple of specific items - ie the helmet having the correct frown for example. An ROTJ style bucket is needed as as a minimum - no ANH helmet. I think that this level is needed for Basic Approval Preference of course is having the full ROTJ armor right off the bat. This is PO or SWAT level.
  8. Nice start on the CRL. I think it is also a good idea to start with ANH armor for TD approval but then for PO and SWAT, the ROTJ it has to be. On the CRL, couple of comments. "The standard configuration calls for a minimum of one pouch on the left shoulder" - Clearly not the case (See the pic at the top of this page - only 1 out of three). Do we say it is there for basic but then removed for Level 2 or 3? Shoulder straps - We have the bust pic showing ribbed straps (see CrookKnights back build thread) so do we dictate white elastic waistband same as original? Back pack frame - Do we have good pics showing the frame? I went looking for the HD Ref pics showing the SE Trooper but couldn't find them so some of the comments are from memory.
  9. Got a a question for you that I have always wondered about 3D parts, especially as you are not that far away from me in Savannah: How well do 3D printed parts in general hold up to the heat and humidity we get in the SE? I've often thought about getting parts that are 3D printed but that was always something in the back of my mind. You've done a lot so obviously they hold up well and these do look good but wanted to hear you experience on them...
  10. Looks great... Keep an eye o. Your left thigh... Get it a bit higher otherwise you'll be always hooking the sniper plate under it and it will torment you to no end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Check your ammo belt on your right thigh - looks rotated a little too far over rather than central...
  12. Congrats.! I need to move on my white pauldron approval... This just drives me more... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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