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  1. SchratVader

    Backpack #2 research and questions

    Great find Knopi i didn‘t know the pic you posted exist! yes definitely dirt on the side and no greeblie! thanks
  2. Looks awesome! Well done Thomas!
  3. SchratVader

    My (door Party) Pack #2 trooper built

    You‘re on the way Knopi! I I really like the paintjob and weathering on the helmet!
  4. Good luck with your approval Urs!
  5. SchratVader

    Backpack #2 research and questions

    Thanks Steve, i will try my best with the build! Yes, the available screen caps are very difficult to identify. Only thing to me, the indents or round circles seen on the right upper box are located in different positions! The upper circle is placed more offset to the one below! So i`m thinking they were not originally on the box. In some other screenshots the round circles are not clearly visible or can be seen! I think if i`m going SWAT for the Private Trooper in the door check scene i think i have to add them!?
  6. Hello fello troopers, my new costume project for the 501st will be the Alley door check private with the #2 backpack. I started collecting parts and doing a lot of research especially about the pack, which is not choosen that often, so there're are not that much reference builds around! First what caught my eye is that the #2 pack uses the 3 rib seed trays on the lower section but i was not sure about the little rectangular box on the left upper seed tray under the box where the hose connects! In other builds i`ve seen there are 2 round details built in ( which is maybe possible when you look closer at the trooper arriving at the cantina entrance )! But a closer look at the private heading to the docking bay you can clearly seen that the rectangular box is the same filter box as seen on the trooper with pack #1 where i`m unsure about are the 2 round indents that are seen on side of the right upper box (which i think they used a brexton lunch box too?) maybe they`re adding the round indents as some kind of greeblies? so what do you guys think? any help and feedback is appreciated greetings Ralf
  7. SchratVader

    *DONE* TD31037 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats Benjamin!
  8. SchratVader

    New and exclusive E-11 Bapty build

    Great work as usual On the Bapty Felix!! I can't wait to get one from you in the next time!!
  9. SchratVader

    WIP: Real Sterling Bapty Blaster

    great work as usual Felix!! I really like your attention to detail
  10. SchratVader

    Move Along Project

    Great work Scott!
  11. SchratVader

    Legoland Germany week end

    You did your duty well in the heat of Tattooine , i mean Germany ;-)
  12. SchratVader

    *ACTIVATED*TD-31967 SWAT Deployment #37

    Well done Uwe!! Congratulations:-)
  13. SchratVader

    *ACTIVATED*TD-31967 SWAT Deployment #37

    Good luck Uwe!!
  14. SchratVader

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Requesting 501st section access Ralf Paketuris CX 4996 German Garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=13705&costumeID=53 thanks a lot
  15. SchratVader

    Back from the past..

    Welcome back Ray!