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  1. Wow, I've got some updates to do on my 3D model!! Thanks for sharing these
  2. Correct... I've only found face-on. I don't want to work off of other fan kits, since I have no way of knowing if they are right either. The nice thing is that since it's a separate part from the rest of the assembly, I can easily update just that if I get better pics and then swap out the part
  3. Here it is, ready for decals / leather / finish painting & weathering:
  4. I based the dimensions on your post: So +/- whatever the calibration of the printer yields, it's 240mm tall, 90mm deep and 190mm wide
  5. Hello Sandtroopers! After a long time cavorting with the clean TKs, I've decided to get dirty again. My first mini-project was the radio. Here is my work in progress: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1862286 I'm still playing around with proportions. It's modeled in onshape, so it's all parametric (change diameters and angles and it will re-draw) My first one is almost assembled. This is a slightly older version of the model, so I'll have to do another print:
  6. We often become so used to things that we don't realize how much knowledge actually informs our actions. For example, outside of MEPD the terms "PO" and "swat" don't have any meaning.... So when someone who isn't really part of these forums see those terms, they don't know what they are referring to. We have a lot of members who don't take part in detachments, even when they have the costumes. They may casually read now and then, but don't follow the details. We always have to make sure not to leave them out... It would be nice if every TD was here, but that's unlikely to ever happen.
  7. I know it was pretty repetitive, but experience has shown me that not everyone reads every thread or interprets things the same way. I opted to be ridiculously, over-the-top clear on everything just to be safe. As an example of both that and of people getting worked up over things: I recieved 3 separate emails from people urgently requesting that I come here and chime in since they were scared/shocked/etc... about some of the things being proposed.
  8. Just a quick check in from your friendly neighborhood LMO. You are correct that the LMO team has the final word on CRL changes. There are several that I see on there that will 100% NOT be allowed. We don't include internal construction requirements (helmet foam pattern) or any restrictions on height or weight. Additionally, we try to keep minimal standards just that -- minimal. So if you want to have a wetsuit required for SWAT that's fine, but it would not be permitted for minimal level approval. I'll go through the individual threads and comment on them as applicable, but wanted to get this out there.
  9. Hello! Not exactly new, but newly returned! I'm Brian, from the New England Garrison. My sandtrooper has been retired since 2008, but I'm starting to get the bug again. When I built the last one I was firmly in the camp of buying kits for everything. I've since migrated to making most things myself, so instead of groaning at how much the pack will cost I'm now grinning at how much fun it will be to make I'm debating whether I want to keep my TK shiny white and get another kit for a sandy or if I want to convert. I've got a bunch of clone projects to wrap up so I probably wouldn't start the sandtrooper for at least a couple of months, but that gives me plenty of time to read. Brian
  10. Re-joining at some point to be sure. I've got this crazy goal to be an active member of every detachment in the Legion. Right now I'm debating between converting my existing white TK to a TD, or just getting another set of armor. I've got 2 FISD approved suits, so I could always steal one over to this side of the fence My avatar is my old TD from 2007. I do miss it!
  11. Yes, that I am! I should probably have posted some sort of intro. I haven't been active here in years (my TD was retired in 2008). Earlier in the year I was talking to Bluey about MEPD CRL stuff but since it was all basically done and working I moved on to other things. Now I'm back
  12. OK, I can see that. Thanks for helping to explain it all! As far as the "very black and white" view, you'd be surprised at how specific and literal some of the questions that come in to the LMO mailbox are! I want to be prepared for the questions before they happen
  13. Here's my concern with that... this means that a SWAT approved trooper would have to be in a non-501st approved configuration in order to be able to troop in his/her SWAT version. In other detachments the various levels are all enhancements to the base standard, but don't conflict with them. In this one case, the no-rank SWAT configuration is not valid for basic membership, which seems odd. If there is a sandtrooper seen in ANH without pauldron or chest pouches, wouldn't that mean that it is, technically, something that should be approved at a basic level? I don't personally love the idea of a pauldronless TD, but it seems like there's screen reference to match it. I'm running through CRLs and detachments to try to get things updated on 501st.com. I've linked back to the SWAT pages here from the Legion CRL, but then I noticed that conflict.
  14. Hello Sandtroopers! I've got a question for you all about SWAT requirements vs. base 501st. The base CRL standard says that pauldron and pouches are required, but the SWAT spec for the "no rank" trooper as seen in Docking Bay 94 shows no pauldron/pouch: http://www.mepd.net/crl/no-rank/ How does that reconcile? One would have to be approved with those accessories then remove them for SWAT certification?
  15. hey folks... i've sold my TD to another garrison member, so i need to be... undeployed? i'll do another one at some point, but for now i'm working on other expensive projects, and sandy had to go. brian
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