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  1. Robster

    Dirty techniques

    i used raw umber #c1221 and layered using wet cloth and dabbing. then finished off by using hairspray.
  2. Robster

    color of bracket for canteen

    thank you guys, hmmm..i will see what i can come up with and post here to get feedback from my bro's
  3. hello fellas, what color is the bracket for the canteen supposed to be?black silver??
  4. Robster

    Pulling my TD out of the back of the closet

    awesome, grab the dewback and head to the drive in!!
  5. Robster

    attching the mortor tube.

    thank you guys!
  6. Robster

    attching the mortor tube.

    thank you guys. i do want to keep it accurate but also want it to be well built.
  7. Robster

    attching the mortor tube.

    hello troopers, i am changing a couple of things on my pack and unhappy with how the mortor tube is attached via zip ties, i would like to attach it more securely, any ideas fellas???
  8. Robster

    Solo Mudtrooper

    is that a at-at commander/snowtrooper chest style piece? some recycled shoretrooper parts?
  9. Robster

    elastic connecting forearm and bicept

    thank you sir!
  10. hello guys what size/ width is the elastic piece that connects the bicept to the forearm? 2 inch??
  11. Robster

    My move a long replica suit

    no words can really express the love that rolf has for years puts into his suits, we are very lucky to have him here. I am personally lucky enough to have one of his pauldrons he made way back.
  12. Robster

    elastic shoulder staps

    thank you.
  13. Robster

    elastic shoulder staps

    2 inch elastic for the shoulder straps that connect the chest and back plate?
  14. Robster

    Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)

    very nice work, you pack looks top notch!
  15. Robster

    New M38 scope cast

    very nice job there bro! might have to get one.