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  1. beautiful work bro!:) i will be redoing my cantina trooper and using your helmet along with the references!
  2. keeping eyes posted here!! where can i get the black leather part that goes around the radio??
  3. hey hey smally! man how are you? good to see you
  4. thank you i will see what i can do.
  5. thank you sir, your help is most appreciated! how low should the brow trim be for this trooper? do you have a pic?
  6. are the stripes on the ears ok for the white pauldron trooper in the cantina? on my swat td helmet i currently do not have the ears painted with the grey and black stripe?
  7. ok so my next question is i have to remove the grey ear paint and stripes, what guys do you think would work best or should i just paint over them??? ~robster
  8. who makes these?where can i get one?
  9. hello there hausi, i got the helmet from a friend who says it is a TE helmet. i am emulating the sergeant cantina version, so i will very carefully remove the paint from the ears and should be good to go...what paint should be used for the blue tue stripes? thank you, rob
  10. hello mepd family wanted get your thoughts on my new td lid...sadly my old one is needing to retired after many many troops. Just about ready to add mic tips, lenses and a few other small things... thank you troops, ~robster td-8821
  11. hello everyone who makes the most accurate hovi/mic tips? looking to get some new more accurate ones? thank you, robster...
  12. hey zack sorry i missed this, my name is rob and i am a ccg memeber, looking great so far there brother.
  13. thank you hausi i will make sure to fill those in, not sure why they are there but i will fill and smooth out. As far as the structured surface i will start working on that and see what i can come up with..
  14. thank you bro!you have been a big help!
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