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  1. New M38 scope cast

    very nice job there bro! might have to get one.
  2. MEPD Instagram account

    awesome guys went and joined up on instagram!!
  3. Looking for a 3d file so I can print out a charging handle for my old hyperfirm mg.
  4. Tube stripe color

    Thank you bro.
  5. Tube stripe color

    Hello guys a quick question, the blue tube stripes correct color is testors 1110?
  6. bicept-forearm elastic piece

    perfect, just what I was looking for. Thank you bro.
  7. hello guys I am wondering about the length and size of the white elastic that is used on the inside of the bicept and connects to the inside on the forearm, any pics would be helpful.
  8. td-8821 checking in.

    hello guys, been off the radar for awhile, been busy with life and expanding certain areas in my life. I am working on upgrading some of my td parts and would love to get your help. thank you, robster
  9. hello troops, I am looking for charging handle for an hyperfirm mg-34 , would anyone be able to 3d print me one? thank you, robster
  10. My first build, a ninjabenben story.

    Awesome job bro should be a po here I no time !
  11. Das Stebo New Build WIP

    Very nice bro, good work.
  12. Hello trooper Peter,sent you a pm with my pouches, I will upload pics after work tonight. Robster td-881
  13. How to Wear Your MEPD Decoration Patches

    Thank you,gordon
  14. Pack #5 "mystery greeblie"

    Oh man that looks awesome, I have the same pack, how could I go about getting one of those mystery greeblies you made sir?

    Sounds awesome guys. Very excited.