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  1. sounds good, thank you fellas for your help:)
  2. hello guys got a 3d printed canteen and it is a bit smaller that the faucet cover is anyone offering a bracket for sale either plastic or metal? ~robster
  3. hello jeff, congrats to you sir and welcome to the MEPD! Your suit looks great:)
  4. hello and thank you guys, jason i will see if i can find a file for that charging handle
  5. hello fellow troopers, i am replacing my chest and ab plates and i was wondering what size should the return edge size be and what size are the small screws for the strapping systems? dose anyone re enforce the holes where the screws get mounted if so how and what do you use? thank you, Robster
  6. ok guys let's start with the helmet, i have replicated the white pauldron trooper that you see in the cantina. I want to make sure every detail still looks good.
  7. thank you guys, got some pics today and i will post some tomorrow!!
  8. hello guys been gone too long and now i will be coming back more often as i have missed this brotherhood and need to spruce up my sandtrooper, my pack and a few other things i just want to look better. i have some armor parts that need changed out, want to make sure my pack colors are up to date and see if anyone has a 3d printed charging handle for my hyperfirm dl-19. i will be posting some pics here soon so you guys can look through and give me all your feedback. thank you, robster td-8821
  9. i used raw umber #c1221 and layered using wet cloth and dabbing. then finished off by using hairspray.
  10. thank you guys, hmmm..i will see what i can come up with and post here to get feedback from my bro's
  11. hello fellas, what color is the bracket for the canteen supposed to be?black silver??
  12. awesome, grab the dewback and head to the drive in!!
  13. thank you guys. i do want to keep it accurate but also want it to be well built.
  14. hello troopers, i am changing a couple of things on my pack and unhappy with how the mortor tube is attached via zip ties, i would like to attach it more securely, any ideas fellas???
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