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  1. hello everyone who makes the most accurate hovi/mic tips? looking to get some new more accurate ones? thank you, robster...
  2. hey zack sorry i missed this, my name is rob and i am a ccg memeber, looking great so far there brother.
  3. thank you hausi i will make sure to fill those in, not sure why they are there but i will fill and smooth out. As far as the structured surface i will start working on that and see what i can come up with..
  4. thank you bro!you have been a big help!
  5. hello there troopers, got a quick question about 3d printed parts since this is mt first time working with them. How much do i sand it down and what number grit do you use?
  6. bro that looks awesome!super nice work there!
  7. hey rocko looks like it came right out of 77 bro! outstanding work my friend!
  8. hello guys have been meaning to post this, got this sweet sandtrooper artwork when we went to RCCC here back in september.
  9. hello guys had a friend 3d print my canteen, dose this look correct? ~robster
  10. hello guys looking for some accurate brow trim, ideas on where to get some? is the original trim from the uk? ~robster
  11. sounds good, thank you fellas for your help:)
  12. hello guys got a 3d printed canteen and it is a bit smaller that the faucet cover is anyone offering a bracket for sale either plastic or metal? ~robster
  13. hello jeff, congrats to you sir and welcome to the MEPD! Your suit looks great:)
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