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  1. I´ll be there. I am going as Nien Nunb though...
  2. knokkel


    I am wondering about the same. Ordered some stuff from him a couple months ago, but don´t get any replies to my emails. Morten
  3. I´m in! I´m not sure if I will bring any armor though... (and if I do, it will probably be my TS)
  4. make that 6... my tkboots size 11 is also on its way ...and a nice set of rom-fx I believe
  5. knokkel

    Fan art

    Snyggt, Viktor!! That should be the new backdrop for NG
  6. Congrats Rolf! Hope to see you on a troop soon. Going to Malmø? Morten
  7. is getting ready for Finse

  8. Thanks for all your kind words! It feels good to be deployed in the brotherhood known as the MEPD A big thank you goes out to my fellow Nordic Garrison brothers, TD-6237 (Mads) and TD-252 (Rolf) for invaluable sandtrooper information and help getting parts for the armor/backpack. Skål! Always looking for upgrades and improvements, so all tips and criticism are more than welcome Cheers! Morten
  9. Finally ready to apply for deployment at the mighty MEPD... Please check out my pictures at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/knokkel/sets/72157620644391526/ If you miss something, give me a shout and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. FULL NAME: Morten Nyutstumo 501st TD ID: 7350 LOG IN NAME: knokkel GARRISON: Nordic Garrison EMAIL: mortenmono(at)hotmail_dot_com WEB SITE: nordicgarrison.net Cheers! Morten
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