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  1. We'll work on getting the close ups. The lenses are reflective, got them from a member here. JEff and "Bountyone" troop together, so we wanted them to match. The knee plate issue I think might be the angle, I was standing on a stool when I took it. We fudge a little on some pieces because of his height.
  2. Here are some of the pics. Keep in mind he's like 6-2"
  3. I took the pictures for him. We'll work on getting more and larger. He's got it all covered. flat green lenses, correct # of ab buttons, knee plate, fabric belt, field pack, tk4510 sandtrooper helmet stickers, hyperfirm E-11, leather boots and pauldron from trooper supplies, soft cloth straps on shoulders.
  4. Yeah, you're skinny, but any armor should fit you. You got the height correct. FX would look really big. Build the suit to the proper size and pad the inside of it. In my opinion, if you built it to your skinny frame, the armor is gonna look funny. I don't see any problem at all. Better too skinny than too fat. At least you get to do the accurate side rivets without adding shims.
  5. I found goblets at OSH hardware, very similar to the pudding cups. Made of plastic, cut off the stand, turn it upside down.
  6. I wore my TCW Jek and my buddy jeff wore his TD, no pack yet (In progress).
  7. You got beat by AWESOME-O ? What a rip off. Cardboard, foil tape, and some dryer tube. I say, tell the stormtrooper to give hima little shove, he'll fall right over. Can't walk, can't win.
  8. Here's a picture of the suit to date. Jeff is at least 6-2" and I think we got a good look. He just won his pack frame the other day, so we'll start that soon. The flash washed out some of the weathering.
  9. That's cool. I didn't know you could buy them. I've made a couple out of steel.
  10. My buddy bought one. Got it quick enough. Thin in some places, but I renforced it with brushed on 2-part epoxy. Not for the 1st time builder. Doesnt go together as easy as an AP for sure. No directions, stickers, lenses, trim, Need a good working knowledge of the TD suit before building this one, but they turn out pretty good.
  11. Looks like a Jango arena pack. I'm gonna buy one from MOW for my Rex.
  12. Might be the picture, but the light brown looks almost yellow. I like heavy weathering, but I would dab some off and highlight the low area with a darker color.
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