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  1. It's been quite a while since I've checked what the most accurate colors are, last I heard was Testors 1138 for the gray on the cheeks teeth and traps, as well as Mediterranean Blue for the tube stripes. Has this changed all? What are the most accurate colors I should be seeking out now? Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, last time I was on this forum I think was back in 2010 or something. I delved far too deep into the Boba realm and I'm dipping my toes back in the trooper 'water'. Looking forward to going through lots of build threads and reference pictures. Sidenote, if anyone has an untrimmed RS armor kit for sale or trade (with or without helmet) please let me know. I have a fully finished ESB Boba Fett helmet I'd like to swap out for it. Thanks!!
  3. Compared to yours I think I might need more dirt! Thanks!!
  4. I haven't finished the ears and I know the mic tips aren't in, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Not sure if you can see the weathering very well. It looks like it's on a mannequin, but it's on me!
  5. catbread

    Made to Last

    Used on model kits, should have no problem protecting your weathering jobs.
  6. Just dropping by from the FISD boards. Future TD here. Might I get a link please?
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