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  1. I'll probably have to do that. Both the Anovos caps and some old fx caps are too big.
  2. I think that is the same thing I got from home depot. Outside diameter measures 2 3/8. Is that the same for yours?
  3. Here is what i am running into. The inside of the cap is the exact same size as the tube.
  4. Ok, so your not using the caps that came with your suit then. Few more questions, what type of paint do you recommend for the pvc frame? The black is rubbing off of the frame onto the armor, leaving the armor with black marks and white showing on the pack frame.
  5. What are you guys using for mortar tubes? Everything I find is either too big or to small to fit the end caps. Also how do you attach the blue canteen to the bottom? Iam trying to rebuild a pack I got from dirtyboy back in 2011, it has been in storage since and kind of fell apart when I took it out of the box today.
  6. Yea, its just layers of burnt umber right now. Was thinking about afding some raw umberto highlight areas i want to be darker, like the slash across the chest. Also going to start assembly and fitting my anovos suit in tandem.
  7. What do you guys think of the weathering? It is an old fx/Am suit i bought a long time ago. Wanted to test out the weathering before i put my Anovos suit together. Does the weathering style look good enough to be deployed? I was going to submit it and upgrade pieces as i go but i really don't like the look once i got everything on, way to tall for it.
  8. Looking good man. I am making progress too.
  9. I think iam pretty happy with this. Now, i have no idea how i got this result, so the next piece is going to be fun.
  10. What did you end up doing?
  11. Been running into trouble weathering my suit. I am using the Panda trooper tutorial but cant seem to get the dusty look that he does. I've wiped it down and started again like 4 times and it always ends up the same. Any tips? VS, this:
  12. Will things like the t track, feed tray cover and grip disk be molded in? Also are charging handles going to be offered?
  13. What is a good source for an abs diamond knee plate? The resin one i have been using is nice from the front but too thin and looks odd from any other angle.
  14. What did you use for weathering?
  15. Is that just raw umber or did you mix anything else into it? It does look really good.