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  1. Is that more accurate? Looking to start my new pack build as well.
  2. Picked this frame up from Tosche Traders. Something seemed off and low and behold the sides are not bent the same. One side has a nice curve while the other has this awkwardness to it. Is there an easy way to bend it to match?
  3. Wow. Just wow. Beautiful. Will there be a weathering option like the e11s?
  4. I used e6000. Taped it up real tight and let it set for 24hrs.
  5. Is tosche traders the only source for karrimor frames? Also screen accurate radio and seed trays? Are there different size seed trays? The dirty boy pack i have now seems undersized is why I ask.
  6. I was able to cut slits into my hyperfirm. Also for the disk on the grip you can pick up a 3/4 Beveled Washer made by Danco, model #35101B from Home Depot.
  7. Thanks again fellas! Spent most of today rigging speakers and fans into my helmet. It really never ends.
  8. Thanks Brotha! Yea, the pack is a really old dirty boy pack i picked up years ago. Iam already in the process of putting together a new "filter" pack but that project will take awhile. I keep going back and forth on the mesh in the frown. It looks "realistic" from a sci fi point of view but i do understand mesh less is more accurate. And as requested, pouch with tactical sharpie applied, funny how the white thread didn't die black when i died the whole pouch.
  9. Haha, i thought you meant flat, as in flat head screw driver. Yes they are rounded, ill get that fixed today. And i just cut and e6000 them. EDIT: 36 screws painted, weathered and cut later.
  10. They are flat. I now have to run the backpack strap over the shoulder strap on the pouch side. Couldn't really figure out another way.
  11. I think I got the strapping for it figured out. I'll post an update after work today.
  12. Update: Weathered the pack some more, i think the lighting in my laundry room is too bright. it seems to wash out some detail. Also did the pouches a bit by throwing them around in the backyard and grinding dirt into them. Also added pick of shoulder snaps. Ill update the original post. My DLT is a hyperfirm and has the disk, addded charging handle and wire on the t track?
  13. Thanks for the advice guys! The pouches are weathered but it doesn't show up that great in the photos. Iam gonna add a bit more today and update. The shoulder pouch has been giving me fits when it comes to staying in place, so i left it out and went with just the hip pouches.
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