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  1. Pappy

    Is there such thing as being too dirty?

    Congrats for the event!! That's awesome, and having a fellow sandy as a spouse *sniff* I did mine waaaaayy dirtier the first time Then i tone it down, while trying to keep the 'cloth wipe' visible (Had to put this one bigger, idk why i cant zoom in) The same weathering(different helmet), with more contrast and darken on the photo I'm trying to get the look on the photo you posted But if i ever doing it again, i'll probably going to tone it down a wee bit more.....nah Maybe this is the route you're after? I'm using an enamel paint (not recommended lol, haven't looking for another option with the same 'characteristic' yet), cloth, and did some wipes with a brush Hope it helps
  2. Pappy

    Canteen Supplier in Indonesia

    Hey guys, i received this couple of days ago! I don't know how accurate this is in size compare to the Gio Canteens, so here's my rough comparison using my Crashmann's radio faceplate and screenshot And with ruler...according to Seller of the Gio canteen on etsy, it measures 5,5"-7,5" This one a bit less than that Comparison with the original Gio The lid is different but it shouldn't be a problem. The cap chain hook also located differently, the label dentation too, but not so much, or maybe just because of the photo. Everything else is OK to me!! Thanks again Brian for pointing out!! I'm unable to manage go to the supplier over the weekend because the store is closed, i'll try to juggle around during week days
  3. Here's the closest picture i got with look sir droids's pouch, compared with canvas of the suspect pouch above it I still believe this particular pouch is made of fabric instead of leather, because you can see(forgive my idiotic looking arrows ) there are sew lines on each sides of the flaps, I don't think the leather ones needs to be treated that way
  4. Pappy

    Pauldron Ranks

    Clearly this officer is having his lunch break
  5. Give it more time to worn a bit, and or shape it with your hands(gently though) Wear it by sliding the edge to the front of you a bit Hopefully this image will help
  6. Pappy

    Canteen Supplier in Indonesia

    Supplier for the Lion Star? That's great! Can you compare the two when you get yours with the original Gio? I wonder if they had differences in sizes etc That link is one f the retailers i found online, and looks like its for real, i'm testing it by buying one first, still waiting for their confirmation for the availability then head for payment. Thanks for the info Brian! If i got another supplier i'll be in touch, and see how they manage a overseas shipping or i'll send them myself. And also if they're similar(except for the marking) with the original ones. Sorry about the language , thought the website is available to translate with google Be right back Edit: Just called one of the suppliers, they have 1 box of them, that's 6 dozens mind you hopefully i can come and see it for myself this weekend
  7. Pappy

    Canteen Supplier in Indonesia

    Will look into it guys!! Edit: Can you guys view this? They sell it for 56.400 rupiah for 1 canteen, and 51.400 rupiah for 12 canteens Thats approx. will cost you $4.07 for 1, and $3.71 for 12 canteens outside s&h I'll find some info tomorrow during work hour
  8. Pappy

    Toilet cistern siphons...

    "Shires" and "made in England" Noted Thanks Ian
  9. Pappy

    Toilet syphon sizes

    Oh! hello those looks awesome Brian! And i like the twinkie! I like the smaller one just like you, the length from the angled to the top part looks quite right. But if i were you, i'll grab em both measure later
  10. Pappy

    The dirty job...

    Oh dear darling....I love this!! Mooooom I want Rolf to weather my armor
  11. Pappy

    My Set for Stun Replica

    Its a beauty bro congrats!
  12. That nobody know for sure,but pandatrooper's and Rolf's approach is awesome!
  13. Hi Simon! hows the build? i cant find the thread where Art put a Hi-res picture of the helmet,but i saved it,it helped my build a lot. Here you go m8!
  14. Pappy

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Requesting access and i'm ready to roll! Erik Partogi Siagian TD-4775 Indonesia Outpost http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14163
  15. Pappy

    How George Lucas May Erase "Star Wars

    is this really true? and the note that GL "doesn't like any of the originals"?