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  1. I found out that I messed up the sniper knee!! So now to fix and resubmit pics. Can any one see anything else I missed? Don't want to submitt numerous times.
  2. Yes I did. Some big people don't and to me it looks like a stove pipe. It really wasn't that hard to do. Just a lot of tape and someone to help mark it and tape it.
  3. Ok Brothers! Here is what I submitted to my GML. And will add other detail pics. This is what I'll be submitting to be deployed. Sneek peek! The bucket off pose, my chest plate moved up on me when I reached up and pulled off the bucket!
  4. Yes I used the overlaping style. No I don't have any pics,Sorry. I did however take off most of the relief edge on forearms,thighs,shins,biceps. It fit better for me that way. But i'm a big guy so it made a world of difference for me!
  5. Yes a little. I could add some more.
  6. Ok! Trooped MidSouth Con with it. Done some adjustment. Need to get some good pics and submit for my TD, then for deployment. Will do that this week! what do y'all think? ( braces for impact)
  7. Ok! I need to finish weathering, finish belt, add pouches, and lift shoulder bells. It's only one straight on pic but I know there is things to do yet.
  8. dav'ika


    What colour Beret does the MEPD wear on off duty? And where can one get a MEPD Beret patch?
  9. It's here!! Started on forearms
  10. Will do sir. Bought some elastic and snaps and white canvas for shoulders straps.
  11. Got neckseal today! Everything but the armor. Looked at UPS, Wednesday is the day! Picked of some white velcro for the shins. Do the thighs open in the back or solid?
  12. OK! This is jumping the gun a little, but I ordered my kit today!!!! I'm pumped!! Will make sure to get the "big brown box" photo when it comes in! Also picked up my underarmor top tonight, so except for armor I have everything done but to assemble the kit and weather!!
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