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  1. Geez, that ridiculously beautiful! Nothing beats real parts! Really gorgeous, some fine day... some fine day...
  2. RoCKo

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    I‘ll keep my fingers crossed for a run of aluminium parts... more than overdue that someone tackles these!
  3. RoCKo

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Looking really nice, bro! I know you have asked around (FISD) for someone that can do the aluminium parts for a accurate Bapty build. I‘m also looking, for years now, for some to finally tackle these... So if you find someone able to accomplish such a project, I know of at least 4 more people who would be soooo in for a couple of sets if done accurate! Keep me posted, please!
  4. RoCKo

    Davin Helmet 1 - Long-time project

    Hey, that’s even cooler! That’s what I call dedication!
  5. RoCKo

    Sonix Radio Dial & text

    Woody ( woodman ) had some amazing water slide decals, I don’t know if he sells them separately from his kits. Best and most accurate i‘ve Seen so far. And I think Tony ( GodOfLibra ) will come up with a new kit and separate decals somewhen soon.
  6. RoCKo

    Davin Helmet 1 - Long-time project

    Sorry Jason, I completely missed your post, thanks I’ll try my best to achieve the best possible result. I thought about naming my son Davin for a while but my wife didn‘t like the name that much. That‘s not because she didn’t like the name because of it‘s sound or such but mostly because it’s more or less uncommon in Germany and he would have had to explain his whole life.... ...Yeah, my father is a Star Wars geek...
  7. RoCKo

    Move Along Helmet

    Off to a good start, I’ll watch with interest, keep us posted, bro!
  8. RoCKo

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Here’s a compilation I did for knees, I hope it helps...
  9. RoCKo

    Davin Helmet 1 - Long-time project

    Thanks bro, I’ll try my very best! Unfortunately i’m always lacking the time to finish a project in reasonable time... I should read less in forums and spend more time building, huh? Nah....!
  10. It has been years ago since I posted a build thread here or any other forum, now I feel it’s time again... The ones that know me for longer know that i’m not a trooping member but mostly a Star Wars collector. Normally I have more than one project going on and most are long-time projects as i’m always trying to be as accurate as possible and I won’t show pictures until I’m happy with the result. After a long absence from prop building it looks like i’m Back in business and started working on TD stuff again... There will be a backpack build thread sooner or later but I decided to start with my Davin Helmet #1. Davin Helmet #1 because this might be the first of at least 3-4 Davin helmet builds. In the last past years I packed various helmets into storage while I took a break from prop building. In storage right now: Gino V2, Gino HDPE, RS Propmasters First run and a RS Propmasters HDPE helmet... I highly prefer Davin’s Helmet to all other TD helmets, mostly because of its more bright look, please let me know the correct english word for it! You know: And I have to admit that I fell in love on first sight when I found Art Andrews breathtaking Davin Felth replica over a decade ago. Heads up, Art! I’m still in love when I look at his old pictures and I really hope he will build a even better TD somewhen as he has sold this beauty years ago... For those who haven’t seen (where have you been?) here’s the LINK TO LOOKSIRDROIDS.COM I know we have new specs after all that was found in the last years but hey, it’s a Beauty nonetheless, right? Sooooo, I decided to start with the Gino V2 helmet, RS First run will be next.... ( and before you ask, I actually flipped a coin for this decision.... HDPE’s will be coming later...) Not too many pictures, but just a few sneak preview shots... Assembly was a real pain in the afterpart... don’t know if it was me or the cap and face were cut a little to tiny but it took me hours to get a look I can live with. Like I said I can be very anal about small details that matter to me, which might be completely irrelevant to others... MONK! I then started working on the eyes which are very specific on the Davin helmet.... Not completely finished yet but I think it’s a good start... what do you think? Frown cutting will be next before painting! I’m going for HDPE base color followed by red primer and finally paint chipped white... Keeping it as accurate as possible for now. (It hurts a little bit to even think of painting Gino’s helmets, they are just too gorgeous even without accurate paint! I have always been a fanboy for Gino’s helmets and armor... ) I hope to get back soon with updates.... (meanwhile keep an eye open for my upcoming backpack parts research or maybe backpack build thread - of course long-time project)
  11. RoCKo

    color of bracket for canteen

    It depends on the Trooper you’re looking at and even imho maybe when the scene was filmed... Either the prop department didn’t really care or it’s due to wear and tear while shooting different scenes... For example our well known Trooper on the left... with clearly black bracket.... and here’s a close up of the other side, same backpack while “Move along scene”... I reckon some black paint remains but it might be the bad lighting also...
  12. Since you mentioned weathering... can I paint “rubber blasters” with every kind of paint or do you recommend anything special? I’m thinking of basic paint like black, silver/metal and brass especially but feel free to spread your knowledge exhaustively... It would be amazing if you could maybe open a special thread regarding everything “rubber blasters”. How to paint, repair.... what kind of glue and such...
  13. Your best bet is to contact member “postmortem01” he was a part of the original Hyperfirm team and goes now under the name of Praetorian Blasters... If he doesn’t know... who else?
  14. RoCKo

    Pack #5 Filter

    I build my filter years ago but tested it lately with the new specs and it fits almost perfect. It measures 10,5 cm diameter and 17 cm height, i used rubber tubes with ~8 mm diameter...
  15. I completely missed this thread, glad I just found it! That’s a amazing build, looks great! I might go for that route myself sometimes...