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  1. Could you please include a picture of these new parts?!
  2. Cheers bro! Great to see you back here, haven’t seen you for a while, Juan! Looks like the old gang is back in town, huh?!?
  3. Slightly better picture...
  4. PM me if you need more information, we shouldn’t derails Thomas show off thread any longer.
  5. Yes, me too! But since this has become so hard to get by, I will only part with it for some Sci-Fire MP40 pouches which were done in a very limited run years and years ago... so probably never! But keep your eyes open on eBay or buy a replica instead, which is also approvable when looking like the originals.
  6. Since I personally assume that most armors/characters interchanged armor parts, helmets and backpacks we can’t say 100% positively which configuration this specific troopers wears in that scene. BUT comparing this specific trooper with various other scenes, I’m confident to say he wears definitely this backpack... Simply because it is missing the upper white top of the mortar tube and comparing other backpack parts. He also wears this shoulder pauldron... Judging by the weathering shown on the available pictures. Just go through all available reference pictures and take a very close look at the details and you might find out even more. That is just what I was able to see on a first look...
  7. Like Thomas I bought my medium spanish pouch off eBay a few years ago. They pop up from time to time but are harder to find the last years. And this is my small pouch on my current TD setting...
  8. Nice! Should be SWAT approvable also, right? Btw. If you do the spacer idea, don’t overdo it! In my case you need to take a closer look at this specific detail or have a perfect angle to see it!
  9. While definitely not screen accurate, this is what I did on my old armor...
  10. Well done, Dan! Looks great! I especially like that you painted over the original trapezoid and rear stripes as this was done on the original helmets too. Adds even more screen accuracy! (Picture courtesy of GINO, please also visit his personal FACEBOOK PAGE to read more about this discovery!)
  11. I wouldn’t take this pauldron rank thing too serious as I really don’t believe the prop department guys had this in mind while filming. My guess is that when the actors dressed up for a upcoming scene they just grabbed what was available or advices by the prop department staff. At least that is what I assume...
  12. There were various mixed up armors, helmets, pauldrons and backpacks from scene to scene.
  13. Sorry, I don’t know anything about these federal standard number but maybe this can be of any help...
  14. I also always liked the idea of having a armor locker like display. There was a RPF thread years ago with a amazing Batman Begins costume closet build from scratch. BATMAN BEGINS CLOSET
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