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  1. The correct Shires Siphon Version for this specific backpack is imho the one with “Made in England” on top of the round section. It also features a smaller diameter “nipple” on top so the screenused looks different to what most of us have, even though we have original Shires siphons. I tried to get my hands on one of these for month, even years now...uberrare it seems! Here is a picture showing this specific siphon... Note: This is a UP100, so also not completely screenaccurate!
  2. It’s another variation of the Shires Siphon on the screenused backpack (the variation with “Made in England” on top of the round section instead of the more common version with just these raised tabs) so there might be no other solution though
  3. Excellent work, mate! I LOVE your attention to details! That said I have one thing you might want to redo is the siphon attachment point for the bottle. On the screenused pack it’s almost flat and doesn’t have the raised base if you know what I mean... Here are some reference pictures... I hope these pictures help...
  4. Perfect, thanks a lot! I will surely try some of your techniques when redoing mine! please feel free to cross post your build thread here, I’m sure there are lots of people not so trained in painting and building techniques who will definitely enjoy reading it! Don’t forget progress pictures...I LOVE pictures!
  5. @sand_fox_trooper For the transparent single point tip take a look here... CLICK ME!
  6. Holy moly! That is THE best replica I’ve seen so far! I can only echo...you did a stunning paint job! Would you mind sharing what colors you used and how you did it? I’m considering repainting my Hyperfirm for years now but always delayed it for other projects and because I wasn’t sure I could actually tackle it! But that makes me want to start right now! I guess this might become the benchmark now...
  7. Yeah, it would be easier and definitely not as visible as a big white sheet but i'm still pretty sure i have seen a white edge on some reference pictures from my library, so i decided to try this way first. Unfortunatly i'm still in the building process so i haven't had the trays attached to really know how it will look. Most of it should be covered by the frame anyway, at least that what i think it will look like...
  8. I personally believe the original way to attach therapy’s to the backpack frame is closet what Urs already wrote. I don’t have access to all my reference pictures atm but after studying all available pictures I came up with my personal theory that the trays were attached like this... That way it would imho also explain a lot of these weird, uneven placed trays right next to the frame on the original backpacks. I‘m unsure but if memory serves me right, I even found a picture which showed a small edge of the supporting plate in the right upper corner, or what looked to me like such a plate. That’s why I choose to leave mine that big. Well, at least to me that makes sense...
  9. I see what’s the problem but since you’re using a completely different method to mine I can’t be of help I assume. I did my strapping just like the original strapping with brackets and elastics. You might want to consider changing your method or adjust the length of your straps. I can imagine that having some fixations on each back section could solve your problem... Sorry I can’t be of more help, I’m sure others will chime in to help.
  10. Sorry for the waiting time, I have been here forever but don’t visit the forum on a daily base anymore! Like Dan wrote the best thing is to look at as much reference material as possible. While the Sandtrooper looks more or less like a dirty Stormtrooper with shoulder pauldron there are minor differences which are barely seen when new to all this but are very important if you decide to join the REAL sand pit! First I’d like to give you some very nice and informative websites to do some little research LOOK SIR, DROIDS STARWARSHELMETS - Stormtrooper section (don’t miss all other character sites too!) For building a Sandtrooper you can search to our forum sections, which of course concentrate an Sandtroopers but since there are only these said differences between Stormtroopers and Sandtroopers you might also want to visit our partnersite FISD - whitearmor.net which has tons of information about building a standard Stormtrooper. If you have any questions you can’t find an answer to, please drop me a PM here on the forum by clicking on my name left to this post and use the “Personal Message” button! I hope this is helpful for you!
  11. PM sent, Chris! I hope it helps...
  12. I can only echo! Way better! A lot more natural wear and tear... Well done!
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