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  1. The spacers aren’t glued, just drilled through the bottle and with the help of a magnet coming from inside out so I can use a washer plus nut combination to fix to my trays. Since my pack is going to be on display only I am not too worried about a perfectly solid fixation. Of course I cannot tighten the screw from inside the bottle... Nice work on the illustration! Seems to be angled on my pack too...I will incorporate that!
  2. I think you’re right about some kind of spacer between seed trays and bottle which might be slightly angled top and bottom. Here is what I did, at least for now, on my current build...
  3. Perfectly done! Looks like original and even has the functionality of a original radio! I did the exact same to highlight the raised letters on my radio, wax crayon, right?
  4. I didn’t know Matt is still/again doing Stormtrooper stuff but I can’t tell anything nice about him. I assume there are more than a dozen people I know he still owes money or some items payed for but never received! Me included! I ordered a ANH helmet from him nearly ten years ago. First he was to refund my money, then he told me I would get my helmet somewhen later because he has had an accident, then he told me he would send me a ROTJ helmet (which I actually never wanted but accepted before I wouldn’t get anything) and after all this he ignored all my emails and PM for years! A few years ago he sold his moulds and told us he would never do any forming again ( I think he sold his moulds for the fourth time) From time to time he pops up and sells some helmets and even armor but I would never buy anything from him again... Maybe do some research on the FISD board before you consider buying, there is a lot of informations... Anyway, that’s just my personal experiences and thoughts about Matt (TE) but please decide yourself if you take the risk...
  5. Iirc Constantin had his own personal storage where he hosted his images...he must have deleted them or his server is down...
  6. I try to simulate the original detail paintings also as close to the original Davin helmet as possible... I really do hope this will work out to spend so much time on these smaller details! Can’t wait to handpaint the tube stripes...I’m really excited but not the good way...they scare me to death! I did it a couple of times before... freehand, with template, with outlines masked... nothing really convinced me yet!
  7. Ok, here we go again... I gave it another try spray painting with a various thin coats of white. After each coat I waited for 5-10 minutes to give the paint some time to degass before applying the next coat. And guess what, it worked all good this time... Here are some pics showing the final sloppy but wrinkle free painted helmet. I might cover some scratches at a later time, I think I overdid the weathering imho!
  8. Great progress! Just some suggestions: It might be due to the camera perspective but the lower bottle looks too long imho. And the upper part of the exhaust ports could also be a tad smaller looking at your picture.
  9. Here is the best picture I have showing the visible head of the bolt on top of the upper bottle... Hope this helps...
  10. Same here! You can always sand, file or even cut a little more...
  11. @Marv This is my interpretation of the “filter” seen on this specific pack. I build it from scratch taking measurements from the available reference pictures. I used flexible rubber hose around a cylindrical card bord box. Since this picture I adjusted the size to a slightly bigger diameter and a few cm heights.
  12. I also used a domed coach bolt on my radar dish, I think it’s screenaccurate!
  13. At least the siphon part looks to be reused for other scenes in ANH...
  14. Shouldn’t be too hard to find something close enough and unless a lot of other vintage parts used for props in Star Wars, I guess the 100% correct screenused bottles will never be found since no backpack survived filming in Tunisia...
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