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  1. I’m pretty sure the original vintage canteens “Gio Style” are definitely what they used on the original packs. i really can’t imagine the prop department taking off the texture as it would take far too much time and they were really in a hurry just before travelling to Tunisia!
  2. Maybe try a strip of aluminium, a lot easier to bend to shape imho!
  3. What the ****, Thomas?!? I’ve been hunting the Tabby for ages now... There was a eBay auction only a few years ago and it sold under $50 iirc, I was down in frustration for weeks back then... Congratulations, what a great find, bro! Can’t wait to see these beauties assembled by the master!
  4. Gorgeous! Stunning paint job, Thomas! Now, when can i send you mine?
  5. I just said the same over at the RPF board, I always thrilled to see what 3D modelling can do nowadays! Buuuut... since I’m from the older days... get it printed, I need to see a real life piece!
  6. Juan, i Love to see the good old bunch back here again! Man, time flies, huh? Welcome back, bro!
  7. Alex! Good to have you back here, mate! Keep us posted on your progress!
  8. Hey Mark and welcome to the sand pit! Have a look here: CLICK FOR CANTEEN Btw. Vincent is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with. If he can’t supply you those canteens get back to me. I also have some left in my basement but I am a really bad salesman, shipping takes ages with me as I don’t make it to the post office normally...
  9. Up90 with fins for me, please! PM sent!
  10. RoCKo

    Exhaust piping

    Not that I’m aware of! My guess would be some electrical stuff housing or box plus some added greeblies on top...
  11. It was the only thing around with the correct size...
  12. Anyway, keep searching! I really hope you’re more successful than I was! Can’t beat the feeling of finding an actual used item!
  13. While I don’t think this is what was used on screen I’m with you thinking it might have come from electrical parts. As far as we know the prop department used parts for all kinda bits and pieces for prop detailing taken from a large lot coming mostly from plumber, electrical and camera parts. I also did some research on this part with no real conclusion but my bet is on big sized fuses like this one, just as an example... But that is just my guess, don’t blame me for it if you’re on the right track!
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