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  1. RoCKo

    Shires Siphon types

    Up90 with fins for me, please! PM sent!
  2. RoCKo

    Exhaust piping

    Not that I’m aware of! My guess would be some electrical stuff housing or box plus some added greeblies on top...
  3. RoCKo

    Giostyle alternative

    It was the only thing around with the correct size...
  4. RoCKo

    Shotgun shell lucky discovery?

    Anyway, keep searching! I really hope you’re more successful than I was! Can’t beat the feeling of finding an actual used item!
  5. RoCKo

    Shotgun shell lucky discovery?

    While I don’t think this is what was used on screen I’m with you thinking it might have come from electrical parts. As far as we know the prop department used parts for all kinda bits and pieces for prop detailing taken from a large lot coming mostly from plumber, electrical and camera parts. I also did some research on this part with no real conclusion but my bet is on big sized fuses like this one, just as an example... But that is just my guess, don’t blame me for it if you’re on the right track!
  6. Geez, that is cool! I’m not that much for 3D printed stuff but that’s clearly gorgeous work! Well done, John, well done!
  7. Waaayyyy better! Great update, Urs! I’m personally am no big fan of the major paint chips but more of the subtle scratches and dimples but that’s just my personal flavor! Beside my personal taste on this behalf the Blaster looks really great!
  8. RoCKo

    Giostyle alternative

    Sorry for the confusion, the ones shown on my picture are definitely both newer style canteens! None of these could be screenaccurate as they weren’t even produced at the times filming. I have the old Italian canteen on my backpack. This is a picture of what I THINK might be accurate as it was produced in the mid seventies and I doubt there were other manufacturers at this time. And this is the vintage canteen before painting... But that is just my two cents of course I can’t be sure as we don’t have any real evidence!
  9. RoCKo

    Remove Zap-A-Gap

    I would try to do what you suggest but definitely start on the right shoulder as this side will be covered by the pauldron anyway... Otherwise before doing that you should try to contact the maker of your armor first, maybe he can offer you a chest/backplate solo or even better.with shoulder bells, that way you could also build a bust to display your helmet... Colordifferences shouldn’t be a problem, it will be hidden by the weathering!
  10. RoCKo

    Giostyle alternative

    I had two non original Italian canteens, still have one left somewhere in the basement...
  11. RoCKo

    Giostyle alternative

    As far as I can tell the Gio Style from Italy was the only one available at the time filming so THE screenaccurate canteen. Anyway, since the “newer ones” are almost a exact match with only some minor differences which are not directly recognizable there also good enough for a backpack build. I guess the original italian Factory just didn’t renew their patent so other manufacturers were able to jump on this to produce almost exact copies!
  12. RoCKo

    Road Block Pack 1 Build

    Looking good! I’m really enjoying your build!
  13. RoCKo

    Captain - Orange Pauldron TD breakdown

    Same for me, pictures are all showing!
  14. RoCKo

    Road Block Pack 1 Build

    Way to go!
  15. RoCKo

    Road Block Pack 1 Build

    Yep, great idea! But since your build is so accurate I highly recommend going for a accurate radio build also! I don’t know if Woodman still sells his but I’m sure @GodOfLibrawould love to help you out with his amazing radios!