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  1. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Anthony, haven't seen you for ages... where have you been? Great to have you back! Starting a TD, mate? Welcome to the sandpit!
  2. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Me not, i'll stick with mine for now! ...at least untill i will be able to score a correct real vintage UP90 with fins! The one in this auction as well as mine and the ones shown on the pictures above aren't exactly what was used at least on the "Move-along" backpack! It's the closest match but i assume a updated model from a few years later in history line.
  3. Duden15s RS Propmasters Sandtrooper WIP

    In the same boat, mate!
  4. Nice, looking great! I'm really digging the weathering also, didn't expect anything that nice!
  5. What a blast from the past.... the good old times! Since photobucket is no more the galleries are gone, sadly! If i ever find the time i'll try to set up a new one on flickr or so....
  6. Just wondering

    I was thinking he same and have looked since Gino posted but haven't found anything yet! Btw. The retaining clips used on the Tie helmets look like this... Shape and sizewise the complete part looks a lot like a slot a or slap 1 heat sinks used on cpu's orgrafoc cards in vintage computers. Still i couldn't find the correct part and i'm still not sure if i am on the right path.... Maybe Gino can chime in but normally he won't share so who knows....
  7. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Hah, that leaves one strap for me, right? Looking good, i'm really looking forward for what you come up with, Vincent!
  8. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Wanna trade?
  9. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Expensive yes but since the known spare parts sellers were recently contacted by literally dozens of Star Wars enthusiasts about thesesiphons they definatly know about our desire. That's free enterprise economy, mates!
  10. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Thanks for the heads up, John, but i think i'll stick with my real UP90 Shires siphon... I was able to find one some time ago in a UK shop after s long journey of endless email inquiries. Unfortunately not the one with these small fins at the tube end but otherwise accurate. But since i'm convinced that not all siphons were the same... i'm fine with mine! Ahhhhmmm, i might overthink this, i really like these little, tiny, small fins a lot....
  11. Duden15s RS Propmasters Sandtrooper WIP

    LOL, that's exactly what i was thinking before my first build and it still is.... i still have two more armors in storage, waiting to be build though...
  12. Real Sonix Victory Radio 75 Photos

    Works perfectly, thanks a bunch, mate! That helps a lot replicating the best possible replica! More...more...more....!
  13. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Nice mate! Don't stop trying... untill we are satisfied with accuracy! Depending on which reference the frame on some packs definatly looks differently shaped from image to image. I'll have to look into this once again... Btw. If you have one spare red kidney strap, i'm interested! Let me know! I'm still looking for one!
  14. Backpack build by Storm56

    IMHO both are off! Both are inaccurate compared to the available reference or screencaps. Still i bought both Brexton boxes because right now they are at least the closest match so far...
  15. Backpack build by Storm56

    That is soooooo unfair! I spent month, even years looking... Nahhhh, i'm just a little bit envious! Anyway i can not begrudge you for your find... Congratulations Franck!