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  1. Oh man, that first pic is hilarious the way he's looking at you. I'm not a Weird Al fan but that's a funny picture dude.
  2. Other from what the others said, maybe you could add a 2nd screw/rivet to keep the sniper knee in place. Looks like you only have the one. Great work though.
  3. Cools pics. Does Chewy have only 4 fingers???
  4. This is a good friend of mine guys, he's been working hard putting his suit together and he's almost done. Can't wait to see the pics Jeff and to troop with ya soon bro.
  5. I think your doing a great job and it kinda resembles my armor. Like the others said bro, have fun with it. The weathering is about personal taste, their is no guideline to follow here. If you took 10 members here and lined them up, none of them would look the same.
  6. Ha, thought about mounting one of these on my suit ages ago. Good way to document a con especially when you've got your hands full and can't take photos of all the pretty ladies
  7. Looking good John, love the "mini Veers"
  8. Looks alright, I like mine to sit a little higher although when I strap mine to my pack harness, it has a tendency to droop throughout a troop and I'm always pushing it back up. Now I use a little piece of velcro to keep it in place.
  9. Wow!, great looking bucket and pack. Your off to a great start.
  10. Right on bro, "The new order" is my favorite Testament album and the song "Disciples of the watch" is one of my favorite songs of all time. Just so happens, Megadeth, Slayer and Testament are coming in concert here in San Diego (Chula Vista) in 10 days. I've got second row seats and VIP passes!!!!!
  11. I too have a wide array of tune fav's but my first love is Metal. Pantera, Slipknot, Megadeth, Alice n Chains, Slayer, Testament, old Metallica, Korn, Hatebreed, Killswitch engage but also have the Beatles, Foreigner,The Brian Setzer orchestra, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Motley Crue and various other bands on my Ipod.
  12. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Looks like a pretty decent turnout.
  13. agreed, 3 months is way too long. Someone is slacking in that department. Great job on the pack Anthony and the suit. Can't wait to see it at Wondercon next year!
  14. That was a brutal troop for me. 9 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday. Had a blast with these two guys, always enjoy hanging and trooping with em. Here's a few more pics that best describe us "taking a break" lol
  15. I hope your having a fantastic Birthday Rolf, wish I was there tipping back a pint with ya mate . Hope all is going well for you and your son.
  16. Looks great John, weathering is very unique and looks very cool. Welcome to the brotherhood of dirt and sand. Ben P.S. nice lenses by the way, where'd ya get em from?
  17. Looks good, the pack photos look a little dark but other than what the others said, looks good to me.
  18. funny thing is, I actually got in the water with my suit on but they didn't show that. I told the guy that if he wanted me too, I'd go out there and surf
  19. I wish, it was 61 degrees and that was last Sunday
  20. Thanks Rick, it was a cold day in San Diego that morning, not to mention getting up at 5am to do the shoot. I'm glad it paid off. TD's IN DA HOUSE!!!!
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