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    Star Wars !!!! ,Trackdays on my motorcycle, AND DRUMMING IN A ROCK AND ROLL BAND !!!!!!! , Archery,15th Century English history ,cycling, helping,and building stuff for other 501st/MEPD buddies,and.....
    TROOPIN'!!!!!!!!! .....76' ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!! :0)
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  1. so glad this project is moving forward now guys , long overdue
  2. Hello there my brothers ,its been a long time since I was on the MEPD Forum ,but I still have the passion for the original '76 sand trooper that I always had ! I have been unwell for a while now ,so have not trooped my biker scout with the UK Garrison as much as I would have liked to , and am still awaiting better fortune for me financially to be able to get another sandie armour build under way. as my old kit had to be retired due to age and brittleness , but I am keeping 'em crossed for better times the forum is looking as awesome as ever ,and congrats to Dutchy and the rest of the new command staff ,and also saddened to see my bro Smally leave us I will endeavour to get on the forum more now , and check out all the new faces on here since I have been away . and please remember that I am always here to help anyone who needs my assistance with a build , armour or blaster weathering , and anything else ,so just give me a shout if you need me guys even though I don't have the armour at present , it doesn't make me any less of an MEPD member , as most of you guys who know me well will know I am passionately dedicated to the original sand troopers and their detailing as it was done on set in Tunisia in '76 , so this is naturally the best place to be ! its so good to be back here with you all again ! , ........ '76 ALL THE WAY Brothers !
  3. :salute:Looking sweet here Noel although, I must echo what Dave Mars said earlier .....My S.W.A.T application took as long (if not longer ) than his did under Juan's guideance and him constructively pointing out little details that would make my gear look even better I finally got the #3 U.K S.W.A.T Deployment in the end even though I helped Dave Mars with his weathering/pack etc; , it still wasn't an easy deployment for him ....again, Juan pointed out tweaks that would make his gear look that much better ,so we carried on,taking those points on board,keeping faith, and persivereing until we both finally achieved our goals ...as was said at the time .....S.W.A.T is not an easy ride,but a long,and sometimes hard road to travel to make the level of the "super elite " to represent the original '76 sandtrooper and as near to how they really were as we possibly can ! unlike the other early S.W.A.T Officers at the time back then , I was the first MEPD S.W.A.T officer to go with the brown,heavy ( "Grungey look" as Anthony Forrest told me ) as compared to the ( now outdated,and inaccurate 3 pigment "yellowy/sand Colour ..... I simply wanted my gear to look rough like the armour Mollo and the props guys in Tunisia did on set ,and with Anthony telling me how the did much of the stuff too I went down that road and suffered a couple of years of abuse from people for doing that too !!!! I wanted to do my S.W.A.T build " Warts and all " just like they did it on set in '76 !!! ,!! all the rush job mistakes that were used to weather and hold these suits together while filming on set back then !! ...I even put the Gaffa tape on the relevant points on the shins and shoulder bell and also the woodscrew in the side of the ear on the lid as per the #2 Road block captain lid ( again, I was the first S.W.A.T officer to do this ) to get the "rough , bodged up look of the original set used armour as near and as best as I could,and also to pay homeage to the work of Mollo and his team,and also to Anthony and the guys who wore this stuff on set ! ....our passion for getting the original look as near as we can progressed to even more attention to detailing like pouches,packs,helmet and weathering details and more to achieve this goal ! back then , no other S.W.A.T Officer I knew wanted to do that stuff to their kit - even to put the gaffa tape on their Armour was a big"No-No " for those guys ..but I did ! Smally and JK007 never had any of the above omn their gear but got S.W.A.T , and maybe ,after I did mine and Daves, these details were taken on board by others ,and that is probably why we hardly see any " 3 pigment weathering " etc: on any MEPD trooper that much nowdays . maybe people have wanted to pursue the way these guys really looked and , like me , attempted to do it as near to that as possible ! ,and I also appreciate that some people don't personally like the "Brown,Oily Weathering " kind of look on their kit - each to their own I say ....my biker scout is done the same - aerosol sprayed black paint in all the relevant areas like the originals ,but a lot of my BSN buddies who are Lancer deployed preffer the clean, white "Death Star 2 Look " ...again, each to their own ,as I wanted the more set used look to mine .whichever way you do it, its still the same passion isn't it guys ???? To me MEPD Police Officer was a highr spec to standard 501st requirements (hence it was always classed as joining the Elite by being a Police Officer ) ....and S.W.A.T ( was originally ,and is still ) classed as "Going the extra mile " to re-create the original ANH Sandtrooper and all the relevant detailing as near as possible ( hence the "Super Elite " status S.W.A.T was given ) we all had a choice as wether to take up the challenge of S.W.A.T or not - I have seen many Police Officers whos kit is just as good looking as the S.W.A.T kit ,but their choice is to stay P.O , they are quite happy without the S.W.A.T Badge themselves,and all due respect to them for that too ! again, individual choice here guys. . But what I seriouslyI hate to see here that really saddens me is us guys argueing over something that is ( and always has been ) our true passion collectively as a Detatchment ( to be honest , I was shocked to read this ,as I have never experienced arguments/discord like this before in what I always thought of as a like minded Brotherhood - an awesome,warm and friendly detatchment site .) as a deployment officer,each individual only does what they believe to be the best for those wishing to submit for deployment in either P.O or S.W.A.T to help them achieve the best results they possibly can ) I trod the "long ,Difficult road many times myself ,and with Dave Marsden's gear ,but I took the valid points on board ,knowing that this would be to achieve a better,higher standard that would hopefully inspire others .I never complained and by doing this ,boosted my knowledge and passion even more ! .... unfortunately ,my armour is now brittle,broken,and un repairable now . although at present I cannot afford to replace my gear ,when I do I will still apply the same passion and detailing as I did on my old gear ,and even as I am the first MEPD Armourer , I will still submit my work to the deployment officer and also to you all for a " look over" ,and gladly accept any advice given when the time comes your gear is to a top standard Noel (as it always has been ) ,and I am sure with a couple of small tweaks ( as we have all had to make when going for "Super Elite " status ) you will be S.W.A.T Deployed in no time in the mean time guys can we please again be the "warm,friendly and like minded " Detatchment dedicated to the look of the ANH Sandtrooper with the same passion,dedication,helpfulness and brotherhood as we had before .,as that place was the most AWESOME place to be ! KEEP THE FAITH BROTHERS AND BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER ! Love and Respect to you all
  4. as I said Rick ....if you need me , I am here
  5. any more progress with this yet guys ? .... I can't see many names against the respective garrisons at the moment
  6. :salute: :salute: I have never really been away guys !, I have not been as active on the forum as I was before due to life being busy, ,and also having no P.C for a few months either ! lol I have kept in touch with a few of the guys on here ,and most posts on the MEPD facebook page on my cellphone . this year,my aim is to get a new set of armour, build a new pack and blaster ,and get back on duty with you guys again ....... iv'e spent far too long as a Biker Scout now ! lol
  7. HELLO ........GOOD TO BE ON HERE AGAIN AT LONG LAST ......... I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH ! i hope all is good for you guys ,and i most definately love whats been happening in the MEPD lately too.....AWESOME STUFF ! , and i'll be on here a lot more now too if you new guys need my help too LOVE ,AND RESPECT TO YOU ALL (AS ALWAYS) BROTHERS !
  8. you know you guys can count on me if you need me Rick . what is the position ? cos i'll definately take the beer job if its going !
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