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  1. The Boys Are Back in Town!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I like the green pig man. Armor looks great!
  3. Still kinda cool to see a new version coming out. One big problem I've seen over the years is that some GML's had limited knowledge of the troopers if any at all, and I would see people from all over the legion getting shot down for things like: Applying as TK with an accurately "chipped" style of TK helmet and their GML declining them with the reason being "That's a TD helmet". Even guys with scuffs on their kits would get that reason. It was because their officers were from another detachment and didn't know much about troopers. I was excited to see a more traditional looking trooper in these sneek peeks. It will be fun to see what the gear looks like and also fun to try to make some of it. MEPD still the best detachment.
  4. DL-19 Scares little old ladies, is easy to wield, easy to pack, easy to store, and did I mention it scares little old ladies?
  5. :woot:Good times homies! I just finished a new TD bucket I'm wearing today for a private gig at a big firm, I made a second TD lid for them to raffle off, and it's on a bitchen Woodchuck stand with an old CAP signature series plaqard. So I guess it'll be cool for the lucky winner. This firm has rented a theater for tonight so we get to all go together and view TFA. Ha ha! Fun......................... I think?
  6. :engel:My Birthday suit is pretty good. Girls like to play with it.
  7. Found a terrific way to get the wires on my BFG yesterday! My buddy Kessel was messing with my Hyperfirm and broke the bipod off it, HA ha!!!!! So I handed him my lead sled, some lineman pliers, some wire, a knife, and some E6000. I made him put the wire on before he glued my bipod back. All I had to do was laugh! If you need Kessel he's currently on tour and may be near your BFG very soon!
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