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  1. Hey guys, I have never presented anything like this on these forums, but a special cause here in Oregon has grabbed by heart. I am a police officer here in Oregon, and several other agencies are involved in a "Polar Plunge" to raise money for the Oregon Special Olympics. My team consists of 5 other officers from my agency. What we do is jump into the Columbia River ( very cold ) on a early morning in January. I cant think of too many reasons why I would ever submit my body to such agony , but this definately does. Evey team member is to collect as many donations as possible before January 30th. ALL donations go to the Oregon Special Olympics. If you guys could even just donate $1, that would add up and make a difference. my paypal is kingninesuited@comcast.net. I will post pictures after the event. Here is a link to the event if you want more info. http://www.soor.org/plunge/ Thank you all so much, chris ''greedo''
  2. DONE! now I'm going to take a coffee break and get back on those clone rifles :wink:
  3. Thanks for the compliments guys. Makes all that work worth it. getting very close to completion. I sprayed them with a flat black and then scuffed them to look weathered. this is the reason why I spray them with the metallic paint first. next I stained the walnut with a red stain. now they are just waiting on a clear coat......so close to being done
  4. This is the glue I use on all of my blaster builds Today I finished the primer and sanding. Then moved on the coats of metallic. oh....and did I mention that I made 3 black paint will be tomorrow and then staining the butt stock. Last phase will be the clear coat finish. Then it's back to clone blasters
  5. thanks, I'll post pic's of the glue I use later today. it's a gel with an activator spray. rock solid stuff but about $40 per bottle. chris ''greedo''
  6. hey guys, I have been taking a break from the DC-15 world for a few weeks to get my own blaster built. This has been a HUGE time consuming project that has me thankfull that I am in the clone blaster business. As like all of my blasters, they are made from PVC and wood. I didn't think to document my build as I went, but I got some pic's of it before I painted it. it still needs some greeblies and detailing, but this should give you an idea of where I'm at in my build. I'll post more in the next couple of days as I get them painted. here's some quick info on my blaster * Butt stock is made from SOLID walnut * nothing moves or retracts. * it doesn't break down for storage * weighs aprox 5lbs.
  7. Table for one please chris stephens ''greedo'' TX/CC 5346
  8. That's an ''EVO trooper''. Part of the new characters released in the Force Unleashed video game. I have seen it many times up close and it's a piece of art.
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