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  1. No worries, Percy. I'll take care of that for you!
  2. Mr. Shima, You must be shy! I'll see what I can do.
  3. chuckrick, Your picture set has been sent to MEPD HQ...standby for deployment! Mr. Hyperdyne, as soon as I get your headshot, I'll get to work on your deployment ASAP!
  4. I'm on it Mr. Shima! I have both your original Vortex (for my Vader) and pro Trooper Voice Amp and absolutely love them. Welcome to the MEPD! Do you happen to have a 'bucket off' picture? I can finish your deployment request once I receive your 'mug' shot. Thanks!
  5. All deployment requests (as of this post) have been prepped and sent to the MEPD webmaster. Thank you, everyone, for your patience and cooperation! TD-0488, your pictures are being processed. Standby for your deployment assignment. Also, TD-708 and TD-3073...when you acquire your BFGs, please repost your info and pics. That is all...carry on...
  6. Why do you think I signed up for this outfit! TD8020, "beautiful" family!
  7. That pauldron does look really good! I might have to check with our local 'Troopertailor' about modifying his pauldrons. Great job on your armor and weathering!
  8. Aloha and welcome! All sandtroopers, huh?! Awesome...simply awesome
  9. That just made my day! I love Robot Chicken! Thanks for the post.
  10. Yeah, Chris. Hot glue worked for me, also.
  11. So noted! I got your email, btw, and will take care of those pictures for you. Cheers, mate!
  12. My fellow troopers, All requests in this thread are either completed or currently being processed. If you have NOT posted your pics and info (as stated above) in THIS thread, please do so. If you have, TD-1043 and I are finishing your mugshots...it's only a matter of time, brothers! Hats off to our webmaster for an outstanding job...thanks Chris! Thank you everyone for posting great pics...keep it coming. This truly is the best detachment this side of the galaxy!
  13. Hey Mike...when you start making pulls will you accept Paypal? Wait...what...this isn't a signup thread *sorry* Looks like you walked right off the set...AMAZING job!
  14. or as trooperexpert would say: "MEPD...when you just need to 'git-r-done'!"
  15. I'm sitting in my hotel room in Reno, watching it snow...really hard. It's beautiful and all...but this is no place for a SANDtrooper! Please grant me access to the 501st section so I can try and forget about this frigid weather! If I wanted this, I'd go over to snowtrooper.net
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